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Prater says he is healthy and ready to go


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from http://espn.go.com/blog/afcnorth/post/_/id/66539/wake-up-call-ravens-gift-to-new-orleans

Shaun Prater, a cornerback who was drafted in the fifth round last season, told the team's official website that his knee has been healthy since Week 10 last season after being knocked out of training camp with patella tendinitis. It was a redshirt year of sorts for Prater, who attended meetings last year despite going on injured reserve on Aug. 24. According to the team's website, Prater has impressed the team with his intelligence and strength to play press corner. He's competing for a backup job in the secondary this season.
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It seems a bit early to me, but I guess it's time once again for Hobson's annual fluffing of guys who haven't done jack but are Poised For A Very Special Year. Last time out it was Tate and Binns. I hope Prater's story turns out better, but I would caution against counting on it.

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Yeah, and the year before wasn't it how Otis Hudson was going to surprise everyone ??

I'm hoping Prater can be a solid nickel guy, but I won't hold my breath either.

He was good at Iowa for what that's worth.

Hobson also mentioned Ghee again. Good Lord I feel for that kid.

Hits like a ton of bricks and then goes down right along with them.

Less faith in seeing anything from him either.

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Prater could step up if healthy. Of the three, Ghee, Prater and Dre, one or two are bound to take the next step. Kind of a luxury to have such a backfill of talent considering guys like Hall is here, and Jones and Newman will probably be here. I gotta believe Allen will be cut.

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Yep, they got it from Hobson's newest article over at the .com.

ah, sorry, I almost never go there anymore because I hate reading Hobson's stuff

damn, first the GIMME A LINEMAN, and now, the I HATE HOBSON...

you and I may be long lost identical twins!

you aren`t a 6`6 195 pound half black, half japanese are you?

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