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Is MB Subbing for MF This Week?


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So over lunch today I read this from Mike "Florio":

Teams should be able to trade cap space.

Adopted two decades ago as a way to achieve competitive balance, the salary cap gives every team a commodity, no different than draft picks or players. With more teams desperately needing cap space and plenty of teams having more than they care to spend, why shouldn’t teams be allowed to trade that commodity to another team in exchange for a player or a draft pick or both?

Fans could complain if a team chooses to stockpile picks in lieu of spending money. But that doesn’t mean a team should be arbitrarily prohibited from doing it if a team thinks it’s in the best interests of the organization. Plenty of decisions create local controversy. That doesn’t mean there should be an arbitrary barrier to making those decisions.


Somewhere Mike Brown is mimeographing copies for carrier pigeon delivery to all the other owners...

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Well, it looks like the real Florio is back on the job now based on this story about the cap going up by about $1 million this year.

So what’s the difference between $121 million and $122 million? Glad you asked. (Even if you didn’t.)

Apart from the obvious “32 teams times $1 million” calculation, increasing the cap by $1 million easily becomes a $5 million expenditure for a team. Since signing bonuses and other guaranteed payments are prorated, and because the salary cap never goes down, an extra million in cap space easily becomes another $5 million in current-year spending.

Which under the obvious “32 teams times $5 million” calculation becomes $160 million dollars.

$1 million = $5 million??? Mr. Brown begs to differ, sir!

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Trading cap space? This is the dumbest thing I've ever read from this dumbass Steelers fan, and I've read some stupid s**t from this idiot. I suppose he's looking at it like his beloved Steelers can buy a bunch of cap space and just continue on in perpetuity dominating the division.

Why does he think they tried to level the playing field in the first place? The concept of a competitive league being the best financial model to operate from is probably too complex for him to understand. He's a Steelers homer, and to me that's all he is.

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