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Interactive Mock Draft - Bengals are On the Clock


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Hey guys, I don't know if you may remember from last year or not when we ran the Interactive Mock Draft where the team forums of each team got to vote on which player their team should take.

Well we are doing it again this year, and the Bengals are on the clock. For most of these votes, it's been pretty cut and dry but this pick is going to be interesting. Lots of potential options here, I'm curios to see how you guys vote.

You can cast your vote for who you want your team to pick here:

Interactive Mock Draft

And if you explain why with a brief short description, I will pick the best one and publish it along with the pick in the results section!

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Tough choice indeed, but if that was the case, I would be beside myself with joy.

I would have to go with Cordy Glenn. He would fill a huge hole at RG for years to come and has the versatility to play the RT spot should Andre Smith not come back. He's exactly the type of o-lineman the Bengals like. With Kirkpatrick and Gilmore both still there, you have to figure one or the other will be there at #21.

If you take a CB there, you have to hope someone makes it through to #21 and the odds are greatly decreased.

I would hate to get stuck with a DT in that situation.

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I won't complain about the pick at all, should it be Gilmore, but I think OG is a more pressing need. I also don't like his rationale for Gilmore being the BPA. That thought process hasn't been there until a couple weeks ago. They have Clements and Allen as starters should Hall be PUP'd liek expect. You can't use Pac Man in that scenario as I don't think he projects to be much more than a nickel in any scenario.

Glenn is a versatile lineman capable of playing two positions that either are or could become great needs should Andre Smith not be back. He's been a team captain and is a noted leader with great success against top competition in the SEC. IN THE GIVEN SCENARIO, I would have preferred Glenn due to the fact we would most certainly still be looking at either Gilmore or Kirkpatrick being there at #21.

Glenn may still end up there in the end, but I don't think Gilmore was the smart pick given who was available.

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I did an interactive mock with some people on a general sports forum, and Glenn fell to the second round. I know that's completely meaningless, but it does suggest that people whose teams don't have a glaring need at guard don't like Glenn as much as we do (and perhaps the actual teams do).

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It's possible they don't like him as much as we might, but there is no analyst or anyone else who really thinks Glenn is going to fall into the second. I would place a fairly large wager on that one. He's big, fast, strong, experienced, versatile, a team captain, and hasn't been in trouble once. Oh yeah, he's played against the top tier talent in college football and been successful.

Does that equate to him being a top 20 pick ?? Maybe not, but he's certainly top 20 talent wise and I would view it as foolish to pass on him in the hopes of getting someone later that could have the immediate impact Glenn would. Again, given the situation we were given in this particular draft, I still think CB was the incorrect decision. They could have taken Glenn and still been looking at a choice between Gilmore, Kirpatrick, and even Wright at #21.

I will repeat though, that I wouldn't be upset had it gone that way.

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I really don't want Cordy Glenn. He'd be one guy that I'd really be unhappy about the Bengals drafting with one of our 2 picks.

It's always good to have something to be pre-upset about!

Because it would be f**kdumb of the Bengals to take a brawling Guard who can also play tackle! Stupid Bengals!

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