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Why wouldn't you go after Stephen Tulloch @ MLB?

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I don't care about Rey, he's a joke, an average LB "at best" and has two run-ins with late night partying trouble already.

Are the Bengals' so married to mediocrity that they'll settle for this guy, not severely strengthen one of their, if not their, weakest position groups, by going after Tulloch with $40 million in cap space?? The best MLB on the market?

Or has Hobson already magically whittled away all of the cap space for FA's with a story? I don't go to Bengals.com. The Lions can't afford him.

All I know is the Bengals' need 3 new LB's. Anyone who says they don't isn't watching the games, or looking at the pathetic #'s those guys put up. A new position coach isn't going to change it. Talent will.

And they have what, two guys who are FA's in Lawson and Howard? So what, they spend a bunch of $$ to re-sign some below average veteran instead? (i.e. Kyle Cook last year)

This defense isn't going to win consistently without real LB help. What they have is crap and a decent nickel set LB in Howard.

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Howard is here on a 2 year deal so we have him for this season at least. Lawson on the other hand is a FA again.

LB could use an upgrade for real, but my gut tells me they keep Rey at the middle, with Rivers and Moch trying to hold the outside spots. If Rivers can't go, Howard will slide back in there. They also seem high on Muckelroy coming back from injury as well that is capable of playing all three spots.

There is reason for concern for sure and want to see upgrades as well.

I just don't think this is the year it's going to happen.

I think they roll with what they have, agree or disagree.

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No it's not a big need there are more important needs ahead of LB I personally think your shooting ray down too soon I'm willing to give him at least one more season in the middle

How much of that season is he going to be banned after Mr. Goddell has gotten his hands on the "Cincinnati Miscreant File" yet again???

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I think Rey was coming along nicely until his injury and was calling the plays for the defense, which was something he took a knock for in thinking he couldn't handle it. Zimmer was impressed with his management of that. Could he progress ?? Sure he could and probably will.

My concern is the alcohol related issues. After ensuring this wouldn't happen again, it happened again.

This is more than just a simple mistake and hope for his sake, he can figure it out.

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