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Play-Off positions


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So, as we approach the end of what has been an exciting season for the Bengals, here's the up-to-date play-off scenario:-


divisonal games

Patriots 11-3

Ravens 10-4

wild cards

Texans 10-5

Steelers 10-4

NY Jets 8-6

Broncos 8-6

sniffing around:

Bengals 8-6

Titans 7-7

Raiders 7-7

Chargers 7-7


divisional games

Packers 13-1

Saints 11-3

wild cards

49ers 11-3

Facons 9-5

Lions 9-5

Cowboys 8-6

sniffing around:

Seahawks 7-7

Bears 7-7

NY Giants 7-7

Cardinals 7-7

In the games affecting the AFC, here's my own personal view on how they'll play out:-


Miami @ New England, and Buffalo @ New England.

Partiots win out and finish with a 13-3 record.

TEXANS: (Texans hold the advantage in the case of a tie)

Houston @ Indy. Wow, Indy pull off a victory 19-16

Tennessee @ Houston

Houston to finish 11-5

PITTSBURGH: (Pitts hold the advantage in the case of a tie)

Rams @ Steelers

Steelers @ Browns

Pittsburgh win out to go 12-4 and take the AFCN title


NY Giants @ NY Jets. Tough derby game vs the NYG who are not only playing for play-off contention but a shot at the NFC East crown. The Jets 6-1 home record will count for nothing in this match which could go either way.

NY Jets @ Dolphins. With Miami's poor season and nothing but pride to play for you see a Jets win here.

Jets to split these games and go 9-7


Broncos @ Bills. Denver are playing for a divisional title and Buffalo have lost 7 straight. You gotta think the Bronco's will take care of buisness here.

Chiefs @ Bronco's. I just can see KC scoring enough points at Mile High to cause an upset. Denver win.

Denver to finish with a 10-6 record


Browns @ Ravens

Ravens @ Bengals

Two tough divisional games to end Baltimores season, I can see them splitting these games and ending 11-5

BENGALS: Cardinals @ Bengals, and Ravens @ Bengals.

A tough game vs Cards who also house post-season aspirations. Although PBS hasn't been a fortress this season Arizona have travelled poorly so the Bengals should be confident of the first leg of 2 home games to finish the regular season.

Oooh a super toughie finale. Cincy ran them close in Maryland earlier in the season and with it all to play for I hope local fans have snapped up the tickets and give the jungle some edge as this could be the difference in the Bengals making the play-offs!

Bengals win out and go 10-6

TITANS: Jaguars @ Titans, and Titans @ Texans

I can't see the Jags causing too many problems and with the AFCS already in the bag Houston may have the option of playing some starters sparingly.

Titans go 1-1 to finish 8-8

RAIDERS: Raiders @ Chiefs, and Chargers @ Raiders

Oakland to beat Kansas and lose to San Diego to finish 8-8.

CHARGERS: Chargers @ Lions, and Chargers @ Raiders

San Diego lose to the Lions in Motor City but bounce back to destroy Oakland leaving Carson Palmer feeling more like a Harry Palmer! Chargers finish 8-8

So, the overall scenario could read:-


AFCE: Patriots 13-3

AFCN: Steelers 12-4

Wild Cards:

AFCS: Texans 11-5

AFCW: Broncos 10-6

Baltimore 11-5

Cincinnati 10-6

Of course this is all conjecture and a bit of fun to while away the time between matches, so feel free to rip me a new one if I have made any errors/mistakes with these calculations. Needless to say it all starts on Sunday vs Arizona when the Bengals have to go to work and do the first part of the job. For those of you going to the game - hope you enjoy it - for the rest of us lets hope we do what we have to do and keep the season alive past this coming weekend. WHODEY!

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Error: You left Baltimore out of the playoffs.

On a side note, outside of this weeks game vs Arizona, I think the most important thing would be to have week 17 flexed to the night game. That way if Pittsburgh wins out, the Ravens fate will already be decided by kickoff and they could choose to rest starters thus making it much easier to win. The deciding factor on whether or not the game gets flexed could be how many people will be in the stands. The NFL may not want to have a primetime game in a stadium with tons of empty seats. The fans may actually be a key to making the playoffs lol. The NFL really only has two options for the week 17 flex. Our game, and the Cowboys and Giants. SNF just had that game three weeks ago though, so I doubt if they would do that all over again even if it is for a division title. Plus Fox may have that game protected anyway. ... I believe if week 17 vs the Ravens gets flexed, we will be traveling to Houston for a rematch in the Wild Card round.

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With the Steelers loss it now looks like:

1) Patriots

2) Ravens

3) Texans

4) Broncos

5) Steelers

6) Jets

7) Bengals

If the Bengals were to get in as the 6th seed, they would still go to Houston in the WC round.

Which I'm totally fine with,.. Of course it'd be a crazy environment,.. 1st playoff appearance?!!? but still... rookie qb,.. I know he beat us but we'll be pissed

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,.. I know he beat us but we'll be pissed

I certainly will be !! :cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers:

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Apologies for the errors. amended now.


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Even if we lose Saturday and the Jets win. The game that matters most is the Baltimore game. If the Jets lose to Miami in week 17 and we beat the Ravens. We'll go to the playoffs because of conference record. I'd prefer to just win out, but I'm just saying.

If we lose a game other teams like SD may come into play

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