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bye week game thread


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I'm torn on who to root for in the SD/NYJ and HOU/TEN games. I think Houston still has the edge to win that division, so I guess I'll root for them to beat Tennessee and keep them down in the wild card race. SD will probably win the west too, though I'm hardly confident in them to do that. The Jets figure to be the bigger wild card threat I guess, so go Chargers.

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Unless you really have something better to do. :P

I don't. Here in Arizona it 10:00 AM, and the morning game being televised is the Bucs vs the Bears in London which is a night game there across the pond.

Feels kinda weird watching it.

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Seattle = horrible.

Let's hope they stay that way. :bengal:

Cleveland, too. 4.5 minutes into the game they had a combined 5 flags for 35 yards -- and combined offensive output of like 27 yards...

I post pretty regularly over at Dawgbones, and those guys aren't really happy right now. McCoy isn't working out like they hoped, and Hillis can't seem to get on the field.

Breaks my heart. :P

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