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Odom Cut


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So he told Lacanfora today. Should free up about $4.5 million in cap space (not that the Bengals need it).

Looking back, what a disappointing signing. Between his signing bonus and salary I'd estimate the Bengals spent something north of $17 million for a guy who managed just 17 starts -- yeah, a million a start -- in three seasons.

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This is one of the biggest examples of steroids I've ever seen. I like how he gained 35 lbs of muscle in the offseason and had a crazy amount of sacks. Then that was it. Later dude.

Absolutely, and after his suspension the next year, NOTHING.

He wasn't going to be a factor, but what scares me is, next thing you know, the Bengals will be like $70 million under the cap and will give a piece of sh*t like Benson two or three times what anybody else would, just because they will be forced to spend that money.

You know, If they knew they were not going to have Carson's contract, were going to trade Ocho's, and release Odom and his contract, that would free up EVEN MORE to land a guy like DeAngelo Williams. I HAVE TO believe that he doesn't think the Panthers franchise is any better than the Bengals, and if they would have offered him more, he would have taken it......But again THE BENGALS NEED A GM TO DO SH*T LIKE THAT!


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