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Reds vs. Mets


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The Reds start a 4 game series with the Mets tonight at home with Leake taking the mound.

I'm taking my son to the game tonight for his first Reds game and I can't wait !!!

On the trading deadline side of things, there was a report on yahoo that stated the Reds were interested in:

LHP Wandy Rodriguez from the Astros

3rd Chone Figgins from the Mariners

CF Coco Crisp from the A's

It also states they are still interested in Ubaldo Jimenez of the Rockies.

I can't say as I would be overwhelmed by any of those moves, minus Jimenez.


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Reds beat Met in 2nd game (?) of series with a home run by Habrero in the 10th inning

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Had to leave the game early, as ArmyBengal Jr. was getting to tired and was asking to leave.

Thank God the tickets were free. We had a good time though. I always seem to forget how nice the views are in the ballpark.

It really is a nice place to sit and take in a game.

I love being back home in Cincinnati !!!

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Well, it couldn't last forever. I mean it had to come to an end sometime.

Time to start fresh and start a new streak.

Good God.

On another side note, I had forgotten how much things can get when going to the game.

2 bottles of water (purchased outside the gate)

Nachos w/ cheese and jalapenos

1 calzone

1 slice of pizza

1 large coke

1 bag of popcorn

$32.00 (Good God again)

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Definitely. I'm worried about Cueto still being in there for the 6th inning with over 100 pitches already. Dusty loves to tempt fate.

Does ANYONE honestly think that Dusty can get this team over the hump or to the next level? As long as he's around this team will underachieve.

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That was just an abortion of an effort in the field yesterday. Votto, Bruce, and Cairo all had brain farts yesterday.

I know stuff like that happens, but good God that was ugly. This team is having real issues.

On a side note, i'm happy to see the Reds bring Alonso up from AAA and Gomes getting traded to the Nationals.

The Reds are getting two prospects from the Nationals, but getting Yonder up is a good move looking to the future.

They moved him to LF and is where he will get the majority of his playing time. I'm real good with that.

I had been saying they needed to improve the SS and LF position for a while and with Cozart and Alonso, it's nice to see them do it from within.

Now I wonder if the pitching rotation is where they are going to focus making some moves ??

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