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What about this upcoming season!


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So if we do have a season this year, what are we looking at?

Issues at QB, thanks to Palmer! We don’t have a proven back up to fill in and there is no way we’ll win with anyone coming out of the draft this year.

New offense to learn! How much time will we have to learn it?

Players will be out of shapes. I bet A Smith is at KFC now!

How have the injured players healed?

What are your thoughts? Going to be very interesting! The good news is that all the teams are going through some of this stuff. Coaches can't even call players!

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I'm chalking the year up already.

Seriously, there is no reason to think the 2011 Bengals are going to be anything special to watch. That being said, when the CBA gets done, I will still tune in to see what happens with it all and get ready for a busy offseason headed into 2012.

You just never know though. There are other teams with new coaches, players, systems, and other things and the Bengals schedule appears to not be the most difficult in the league this season. What if the QB we draft can learn the system quickly, they can plug in a guy like Rackley to be the LG, and the defense decides to play like it's 2009 again ?? There is always hope.

Get the CBA done.

Figure out the Palmer situation.

Trade Chad.

Welcome to rebuild.

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Keep Chad and sign a top WR with the first pick

Palmer's gone so sign a veteran QB for a year (God knows who but ideally someone with experience of a WCO) and draft a future QB with the second / third pick.

Get a decent RB with one of the first day picks.

Lay it on the line for some of the so-called studs who have yet to produce. Lewis has been building through the draft for long enough to have some sort of talent conveyor in full swing by now so if they ain't producing their gone!

I don't think this is going to be a great season for Cincy by a long way, but similarly I don't think it'll be a 0-16 season either.

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6-10 tops. Our Defense is just terrible. T.O. is gone and maybe Ochocinco via trade. Benson is a FA. A new OC who runs a west coast. Same old Marv. At least we will be able to get cheap tix on EBAY come November.

10 wins seems overly optimistic for me. Anyway... welcome to Bengalszone DraftGeek.

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How about getting Jon Kitna back for a season? Would that give some flexibility at the draft to allow other needs to be addressed and allow time for a later picked QB to develop under his guidance???

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Good job, DG.....this last post wasn't completely asinine

There may be hope for you yet

Keep it up

My mom says hi

Which part ?? The one where he claims he would do as well as Hasselbeck (I guess because he thinks Hasselbeck sucks), but then makes the statement about Hasselbeck being good enough to groom a rookie ??

For what it's worth, I wouldn't mind Hasselbeck for what I think will be a lost season to start with.

He would go a long way to being able to mentor a young one, while not costing Mike Brown a ton of money.

Wow, not costing a ton of money ?? I can already see this happening.

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I won't object to Hasslebeck if it would open up options through the draft for other areas, such as WR and Safety.

As Cincy9275 stated, "it's rebuilding time" - and we can't address all of the needs in one draft (although Marvin has had quite a few drafts and we should be seeing the benefits of those late round projects developing by now!)

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