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I Met An Old Lady


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As the title of this thread indicates, I met an old lady. She is a friend of my parents, both of whom are almost 80. This lady is noticably older than them.

She introduced herself to me during a visit I had with my parents yesterday. She said her name was Carole, and she proved to be a lively conversationalist.

Carole had a good life. She lived in Alaska for a few years while in her early 20s, she lived in various places around the world while she and her husband followed his job. He was a tractor salesman.

Anyway, I asked her where she grew up, and she said Dayton. So I shared some impressive information about myself, like that I sometimes drive past Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and that I've heard that the museum there is good.

She then said the following: "Wright Patterson Air Force Base? I knew Orville Wright."

I'm like, "Really Carole? And what was Orville Wright like?"

She said he was, "austere, and very very grumpy."

According to Carole, Wilbur checked out pretty early, but Orville lived a very long life. She said he lived in a big victorian house in the best development in Dayton that, ironically, had been planned and developed by John Patterson, the owner of National Cash Register, and the man whom Orville would eventually share billing with atop the local air force base.

She said as a child she would encounter Orville frequently around town and that he was kind to her and other children, though not overly engaging with adults.

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That is cool. It never surprises me to hear stories like this about elderly folks.

My Grandma passed away in 2005, she had a conversation with FDR once, after he gave a speech before WWII. She said he was rather curt and not real friendly.

All he wanted to do was lecture on his ideas, he did not even respond to most of the questions that my Grandma and her young friends asked.

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