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Did the Bye week help


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I hope I'm dead wrong but I don't think the bye week was much of a help. I don't believe that the coaches addressed our weak area. Marvin said he'd focus on the 2nd and 3rd string guys, getting them some field time. Well, we'll see tomorrow. Bottom line, we had the off season, training camp and five weeks of the season to address our isses and nothings changed thus far! Bengals, I beg you to prove me wrong!!

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I agree with it helped to the point where i dont care anymore.

It also helped me too figure out the more time the Bengals have to prepare for a game the worse they are.

It helped me to figure out that the defense is really not very good, and must have been very overrated last year.

It helped me figure out that the Bengals can get as many yards as they want, but when you turn the ball over, and when you shoot yourself in the foot, and when you dont score TDs in the redzone it dosnt matter how many yards you get.

Also helped me to figure out that if every player on this team actully gave 110% on every snap they might be a good team. From what i saw the in the first half these players wanted nothing to do with playing, and it costed them the game. Hope they learned some kind of lesson.

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The ownership, coaches, and Carson are very arrogant. They think what they are doing is perfectly fine and except for a few

minor player mistakes they would winning most games. This is readily apparent in the post game comments (game after game, month after

month, year after year).

Every game/month/year it becomes more obvious that this team in current form is going nowhere. Sure the teams improves or degrades slightly

season from season, but they remain mostly mediocre. There are obviously no answers to be found among our supposed experts on staff.

It's time to bring some coaches and management who are competent. The owner needs to realize that he doesn't have the ability to be a successful GM.

To bring in better coaches and a GM will require the owners to spend family money and give up some control. That is the sole reason

it won't happen in Mike's lifetime.

In some respects, the city of Cincinnati is being held hostage. There is nothing to be done to get any change. If people stop

going and/or the team starts losing money or doesn't renew their contracts at end of the current one, there are other cities that

will gladly take them in. A prospect of any NFL football is better than no NFL football to most cities.

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Well they didn’t prove me wrong! One thing is apparent; there is no discipline or respect for authority on this team. Not sure if anybody else seen this but Coach Lewis ran out on the field to yell at a defender for a mistake he had made and the guy just turned his head as if he didn’t want to hear it. Basically a f you coach! I’ve been saying the same thing rwicgc just said. We hear the same reactions and excuses week after week. We have to get better, we’re making small mistakes, we have to work harder, etc. Yea yea yea. When exactly do you plan on doing something about these things?

Positive notes from the game, Shipley is awesome! Adam Jones still has it! TO can still play.

By the way, Management and coaching isn't going to change and the team isn't going anywhere. As bad as they are, I don't want to see our Bengals leave town. I'd have no one to cheer for!

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