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Which one would you Choose?


No none of the above option for you guys!  

25 members have voted

  1. 1. Okay If you had to Choose one of these Wide Receivers who would you want?

    • Matt Jones
    • Daunte Stallworth
    • Terrell Owens
    • All Three

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That's what I'm saying. As many as possible. If we're going to keep this identity strong, let's do it right.

Seriously, when talented FA's are looking to get a second chance and they see what the Bengals have been able to do for Benson, Henry, Tank...you gotta think that's an attractive place to go.

Nobody likes us anyways. Why start trying to clean up our act now?

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All three without a bit of hesitation. We need playmakers at wr so let's just get what and who we can in here to see if any of them can make a difference. If they can't they get cut during training camp...no biggie

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This poll is like asking would rather have Gonorrhea or syphillis.

Hell no to T.O., there is a reason that non of his former teams are trying to get him back.

I wouldnt mind having some of our former guys back.

I have to vote Matt Jones, he is a hell of an ahtelete.

He has TE size and WR speed ,a 4.37 40 yd dash.

If Jones can keep it together he be great.

He was not bad at J-ville.

If he learns from his past.

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How to choose?

I say, take all three of 'em for a wild ride in the back of a pickup truck driven by Pumpkie.

Sign anyone who survives.

Classless, even for you.

How long you known Hair?

Seems like forever. He is like a migraine headache, extreme pain for short periods of time with long stretches of bliss. The problem with migraines is you know sooner or later it will be back.

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Absurd comments aside, has Marvin made any comments on the Matt Jones signing yet? I personally love it, but it smells like a Mike Brown move to me, especially at this point in the offseason.

I say bring in as many talented WRs you can find, and let them all fight it out for 5 or 6 spots. With the way the passing game performed as a unit last season, no one should feel as if they've earned a spot for next year.

And that includes Chad.

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