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Rewind, a look at the Bengals' 2009 schedule


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I was amazed to see that the Bengals played every team with a top 7 defense this season. and 9 games total (in 17 including the playoffs).

By the end of the year the Bengals will have played 2 games against the #1 defense (New York Jets), 1 game against the #2 (Green Bsy), 2 games against #3 (Baltimore), The Bengals are #4, 2 games against #5 (Pittsburgh), 1 game vs. #6 (Minnesota), and 1 game against #7 (Denver). We are 5-3 with the last game undediced vs. those teams with the Denver game being a total fluke loss.

Other Games against Houston #13 and San Diego #16 were also vs. quality defensive opponents.

Does this put the offenses relative inability into perspective? If you averaged the 2009 schedule with the end of the season rankings the Bengals average defense this season was 13.47, ironicly the Bengals also played vs. the 30th defense (K.C.) twice vs. the 31st defense (Cleveland and totally undeserving IMHO) and the 32nd defense (Detroit).

The Bengals played 10 games against passing defenses ranked in the top half of the league vs. yards.

If we can get past the Jets it will be interesting to see this offense play against a very pedestrian Colts defense.

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The only interesting thing is that the Bengals looked just as flat against the worst defenses in the NFL as they did against the best defenses in the NFL. That says to me that they have the talent to be a great offense, but they consistently come out and beat themselves with mental errors and a lack of urgency.

Really... how else can you explain the Bengals scoring 17 and 18 against the Ravens and Steelers, and then follow that up with scores of 17, 16, and 23 against the Raiders, Browns, and Lions. Then they put up 10 points against Minnesota, 24 against San Diego, and 17 against Kansas City. The defenses on those teams are very different in quality, but the offensive production is very similar.

So to recap, the Bengals averaged 17.25 points/game against some of the best statistical defenses, and scored 18 points/game against some of the worst statistical defenses. It appears the Bengals offense does what it does without regard for the quality of the defense they are playing against. That screams to me that they are their own worst enemy.

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It shows me that they have the ability to do better. If they can score vs the best defenses then they're underachieving vs the sorry ones. They need a new O coordinator. This one is not getting the most out of what he has to work with

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I think it's a combination of youth and a new scheme. It's unbelievable we've been able to run the ball effectively with so many new guys, especially along the O-line. Mental errors have also been unbelievably huge in stalling drives. I believe that NBC showed a stat that the Bengals have the second-most false start penalties in the entire league. That fact in itself will eliminate drives and gameplans, thus greatly minimized the offenses chances of any sustained success. I think it's also the reason we've played better in the 2 and 4 minute drives than any other part of the game, as there is typically less thinking and more reacting in those situations.

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