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OK, Which One of You is This?


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Hilarious! There's your average Budweiser buzz. :rolleyes:

I love the part where he's flopping around on the floor and the old guy leans over from the other aisle. I guess he asks if he's OK, and the guy gives him that little wave. "Oh, yeah, I'm fine, I'm just taking a break." :lol:

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I was actually getting kinda pissed watching him flop around on the floor. After so long it's just like.....get up, man! I've never seen anyone that drunk before. Kinda sad....

The whole time, I just kept on thinking "let go of the beer and prop yourself up". That guy had a death grip on that bud, and he wasn't going to release it even if it meant he couldn't get up off of the floor.

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