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Can Chip Morton get some love?


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None of these fourth quarter rallies would be possible if this team wasn't in great shape. I'm 100% Odom's sack numbers wouldn't be what they were without the 20 lbs of muscle that he put on in the offseason. He obviously had a role in getting this team prepared for the season, and they're playing hard all 60 minutes. You don't see this team sucking wind in the middle of games. A lot of credit has been given to Zimmer for creating a tough mentality for this team, and he deserves every word of the praise he gets, but Morton deserves some love as well. If it weren't for Chip, I wouldn't be nearly as confident in Andre Smith's ability to get ready to play and be a successful, well conditioned pro.

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Good thread, yep. 60 minutes each game. In fact, they look better at the end of games.

About Odom especially. Just a great job. Bigger and still fast.

I remember one play in the 3rd of 4th quarter where Odom just bull rushed Oher right into Flacco causing an incompletion (ball hit about 5 yards in front of the nearest receiver). The announcers gushed over Odom and when the camera panned to him, he was staring at the Ravens in the huddle, mouth closed, eyes glaring, looked like he just got up off the couch. My dad looked to me and said "He ain't even sweating yet . . . "

Even last week when the D was on the field the whole time they were still pushing hard in the 4th -- if we keep this ball control game up and have fresh legs on D things are going to get real scary in Bengaldom.

In short, atta boy Chip.

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Yeah, I have to chime in w/ props. I've been pretty critical of all the strength/conditioning/training staff for the Bengals but so far this season injuries have been healing more or less on schedule and guys seem prepared.

Nice job Chip, Rock, and whoever else is in there getting these guys ready for Sunday!

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