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Hey everyone just wanted to introduce myself. Been reading these forums for the past few days and decided to join. I am a regular poster on Scott Wright's Draft Countdown and one of the few Bengals fans over there so I felt like I needed to be able to discuss with more of my own kind. Lifelong Bengals and Reds fan and I hope to contribute to this board as much as possible. Already received a wonderful welcome from ArmyBengal and I look forward to finally becoming a member here. Long overdue!!

Also, I would like to encourage all of you to join in on Scott Wright's Draft Countdown(hope that's ok?) as we are in desperate need of every Bengal fan we can get. Thanks again!

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On another thread, you say you yourself play Offensive Center

I realize you may not want to give too much away, but.....

at what level? (hs, college, semi-pros, nfl, cfl, arena, etc)

are you CURRENTLY a center?

Well I will say that I once played in College but nowhere big.

Welcome aboard and, if you are still in anything resembling playing condition, suit up! We may need you this year.

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