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Anyone Up for a Senior Bowl Thread?


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OK drive by the South to score. Where is that fat guy from BC? I saw him clog things up for a few plays, but he never got off a block to make a play on the ball.

Looked to me like they had a bunch of guys on him every time he was in...but yeah, no dominance from Raji so far.

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I like Jeremiah Johnson and hope he is a Bengals soon. I also thought Oher looked good for the most part except for the hold on 4th down. I think Pat White is going to be a special player for an nfl team. Also liked both Mack and Unger and thought Caldwell played well. Rey with a forced fumble. Got to go after Wood as the C. He has been dominating Raji all game.

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This North offense sucks because Mike Brown is so cheap.

Nah, all the players are tanking so they don't get drafted by Cincy...

Meanwhile that piece o' crap not worth drafting worthless Maualuga just forced a fumble...

Ya we would be stupid for taking reyrey.........Man i'm such a liar lol

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