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This Thread Will Make ShulaSteakhouse's Head Explode


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Witness Massillon High's new Pro-caliber Indoor Practice Facility:


And what does the son of Massillon's most storied coach have to say about it?

"Massillon High School is ahead of us," observed Cincinnati Bengals President Mike Brown, the eldest son of legendary Massillon, Browns and Bengals coach Paul Brown. "We don't have one [an indoor practice facility]."

Brown said his father would approve.

"Massillon still tugs at my heart," he said. "I try to explain to people that when the stadium was built in Massillon, it was far ahead whatever else was being done for high schools across the country.

"It was a cutting-edge facility. My father believed in the football program being on the cutting edge. Today, this indoor facility certainly is on the cutting edge for high school football, and it's consistent with what he did many, many years ago."

You just can't make this stuff up, can ya?

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wow, that's gorgeous. obviously no one would turn that down... still, makes me wish i had $6M to blow towards a kind of charity ~ i think i could do better.

will it propel teams into championships? nope, no more than building a bad football a new stadium guarantees a winning season.

sure is purdy, though.... i think i'd have built some seating and just made it an indoor stadium, but that's me, i'm clearly an idiot (refer to posting history).

fortunately, it does seem to have other uses than just for an average high school football team to *practice* in.

but, for the cost, is there any conceivable reason why the bengals don't have one of these?

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but, for the cost, is there any conceivable reason why the bengals don't have one of these?

For the same reason Pumpkin doesn't have air conditioning, and the bengals don't have a modern scouting department: Because you really don't need these dadgum newfangled doodads! They're all just a waste of money, don't ya know.

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It is pretty pathetic and a very large elephant in the room to those naive souls who still remain convinced the Bengals ownership are committed to anything other than taking a healthy profit home each year.

They're not even close to trying to give the franchise the best chance of winning. Of course teams that are nothing more than skdimarks in the history of the NFL have all these things still suck balls but hey, nobody here is demanding instant success just because we have a glorified shed or a couple of scouts lead by a "football operations" person. It would point to the Bengals at least having a stab at the possibility of some success though.

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