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What is Marvin smiling about!?!


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Sorry folks...I just don't see anything even slightly humorous here:


He's thinking about how he's going to get paid through 2010 regardless how bad this &^%$ing team is. :angry::angry::angry:

SICKENING!! From his face the Bengals are up by 21. <_<

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Don't you guys know? Chad & Marvin got this new thing going on. Just smile and it all go's away! B)

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This piece of crap needs to be fired! He's a horrible coach, maybe we should demote him and not fire him but he is a terrible head coach. And to all you "Its not Marvin's fault its Mike Brown" yes he is not a gm and his cheapo ass should pay for a gm but what is always said about our team, we are a supremely talented team, an underachieving team, well folks that's not Mike Brown's doing, its Marvin's job to coach this talented team!

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