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Where are our rookies?

Whur CHad At?

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Rivers is the only one who can play? I highly doubt that. I hear all of these good things about them in the pre-season and yet they wont even get on the field. I think were are one of the only teams who cant put a rookie on the field unless it is a 1st round pick. I watch these other games and I see all of these rookies getting some playing time, trying to help their team however they can. And yet our rooks just sit there, for some reason the coaching staff believes that not playing at all helps. Horrible coaching staff. These veterans need help.

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We may as well start playing for 2009 now. Start putting the rookies in and getting them game experience.

Sounds like our two wideouts might get some PT this week. Sims made a nice debut last week. Perhaps our young lineman (Collins?) can get some reps too. Maybe move Whitworth outside and let him play guard on a few series.

BTW, I wonder when they are going to shut Chad down for the season?

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Lets face the season is over

The bengals should be using these games for expierence for their rookies.

That way when next season starts you have guys that you know what you can expect form them and you know if you made a mistake when you drafted them.

The only reason that I can think of for those guys not playing is Marvin is afraid of the other players feeling that he is throwing in the towel.

The only other reason I can think of is that the guys suck.

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I said this in another a thread a few days back - PLAY 'EM! We suck with old fat guys with zero upside. We might as well suck with younglings and see what progress they make over the season. Build for the future. At least it will give the brave souls who go to the games something to be interested in.

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