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Thanks Mike


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Four weeks ago Mike Brown treated Bengaldom with the surprise move of cutting Rudi Johnson, Deltha O'Neil, and Willie Anderson for not taking a pay cut , which in reality , he knew that they wouldnt because they all knew that could make more money elsewhere.

For this move Mike got to pocket a nice chunk of change.

Lets look at where Mike Brown's profit taking has put the franchise,

Rudi Johnson---On the radio Dinkel said that Dorsey and Watson are out and the Begnals may be looking at the wavier wire for a RB.

Deltha O'Neil -- I dont even know who the Bengals are planning to use a CB it seems that all of them are injuired or out,Simeon Castille is healthy but , cant play or run, the Bengals picked up street free agent Jamar Fletcher , to replace the injured street free agent David Jones , who was playing for the injured John Joseph.In the mean time, Deltha is on the Patriots making one game saving play after another.

Willie Anderson- While last years line up with Willie at RT and Whitworth at LT (before Willie was hurt)looked great and kept Carson fairly clean, this line up sucks and Carson may be out for the year thanks in part to the Willie cut, not to mention that having Willie gave the line flexability that it no longer has.

The O- line has gone from an asset to getting getting the QB hurt and being one of the worst lines in the NFL .

Thanks Mike its not like you cut anybody that we needed, its not like you cut anybody that could affect the team record

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I still think Marvin had alot to do with this also not just Mike. That being said i think you should thank Marvin for getting his guys ready to play on Sundays. His team has no heart, plays so soft its like there lifeless out there. This team is left with no vetern leadership and Marvin does nothing to help this. He dosnt beileve in getting his team motivated in anyway, but maybe he should worry about getting his guys ready to play. I do beilive Mike has alot to do with this, but i still think Marvin does to so, now that Marvin has also ruined the the spirts of this team they need something new here.

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