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Ravens trade down with Jags


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The Ravens were one spot ahead of the Bengals at No. 8 and traded with the Jags gaining five picks. Then they traded three picks to the Texans to move back up and selected QB Joe Flacco from Delaware at 18, signaling the eventual end of the Kyle Boller era in Baltimore.

In the second round they selected Ray Rice from Rutgers at No. 55 who is another guy I hoped the Bengals might be able to get. I've seen him play against UC the last couple of years and thought he was a guy that had some potential to help here.

Here is the Ravens trading activity for the day from NFL.com.

The Ravens trade the eighth pick to the Jaguars for Jacksonville's first-round choice, No. 26th, as well as the 71st, 89th and 125th picks.

The Ravens give the Texans the 26th overall pick as well as their third- (89th) and sixth-round (173) picks for Houston's first-round (18th) pick.

The Ravens trade the 38th selection to the Seahawks for the 55th and 86th picks.


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The Ravens did well by moving down once Ryan was off the board. At 8 hey would have grabbed someone for big coin. Better to get value.

Ray Rice was a better move than Flacco. They did nothing to address OL. Ogden is like Willie, nearing the end...

Ravens have many problems....good. I wish them the worst.

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This draft will either springboard a quick recovery by the Ravens or lead us into the pits of awful for a long long time.

Howdy, 'zona. Long time no post. You won't mind if we all here hope for the pits, right? :lol:

Seriously, what's the word on how the team elders feel about Flacco? I seem to vaguely recall that last year, when talk of drafting a QB surfaced, there was supposedly opposition in the locker room from long-time vets like Ray Lewis. They wanted one more shot at the brass ring before they called it a career, and didn't think they had time for a rookie QB to grow into the role. Any grousing about Flacco? And will it be him or Boller opening day?

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I guess we mean different things with the word "rebuild"

Holes exist at RB, WR, OT, OG, OC, DT, DE, LB, CB, KR, and PR

and at GM

we need to draft a couple of those, just to be sure

Who's the BGMA with the #3 pick? :rolleyes:

There's two GMs worse than ours?

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Until we do better, that avatar sticks. The Ravens have to earn a new avatar.

I don't think the coaching staff is in any rush to get Flacco on the field. I think they recognize that putting Boller out quick was a mistake and hurt him. I think they also realize we aren't making a superbowl run this year. So Boller will start and if the season tanks then I bet you'll see Flacco.

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