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J.S.-did we want him?


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Jeremy Shockey is looking to get out, we need a tight end, whats the problem with maybe offering a 3rd rounder for him? I know he is getting old, but at least we could have a decent TE.

Did you forget we just signed the 6' 6", 251 pound Ben Utecht? :huh:

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You guys think chad is bad wait for Jeremy, the man almost single handedly wrecked the Giants lockerroom.

This makes me think ... when is the last time a headcase/troublemaker/whatever was on a winning Super Bowl team? TO ... no. Moss ... no. Shockey ... yeah, sort of, but not involved at that point. Someone might bring up Irvin or Deion, but I never got the impression those guys were at the TO/Shockey level. They were still locker room type guys, as best I heard around the league. Unfortunately, I am wondering if Chad is not in their company ... and that might mean he needs to be off the team if we ever hope to get to the Super Bowl level.

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