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Dr. Z lays out his draft picks for day 1

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1) Dolphins -- Jake Long, T, Michigan

Miami needs a ... sorry, I just can't go through with it. See above.

2) Rams -- Chris Long, DE, Virginia

"We'll take whichever Long falls to us," Scott Linehan told me at the League meetings. Jake would have been preferred. Howie's kid will give them a dozen years of maximum effort.

3) Falcons -- Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College

The scouts love Glenn Dorsey, the disruptive defensive tackle from LSU. The coaching staff would like to start the new regime with a hot young quarterback in place. This is a debate that will rage right up until draft day.

4) Raiders -- Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas

Al Davis reverts to his roots and goes for the player most capable of producing the deep strike. McFadden's 4.33 qualifies, but it could be a strikeout if the baggage he carries (two night club tiffs) becomes excess baggage.

5) Chiefs -- Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio State

Trading Jared Allen to the Vikings now moves DE to the forefront on the need list, and an offensive lineman will come later. Gholston's workouts have been off the charts. He runs a 4.65 40, and his bench press of 37 reps tied Jake Long's mark for best at the Combine. Dorsey's name has arisen, for those who equate DT with DE. Ryan Clady's name is in the mix, if KC wants to go O-line now and save the defense for their 17th pick. Brett Favre is a name not to be overlooked, if they feel they can somehow find him and lure him out of retirement, and the name of Felidia has arisen, for those who like fine Italian food.

6) Jets -- Ryan Clady, T, Boise State

Damn! Gholston's gone and we oh so wanted him. Dorsey? Hmmm, would be dynamic in the middle, no question, and if we draft him, then New England couldn't -- those are the rules -- but Clady's a terrific O-lineman, a complete tackle, one of the Boys from Boise. Why not?

7) Patriots Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU

They're a base 3-4 defensive team, but Bill Belichick likes to throw in a lot of 4-3 on pressure downs. And with the dynamic, disruptive Dorsey lining up next to All-Pro Richard Seymour, the Pats will have enough pressure to make lives miserable.

8) Ravens -- Keith Rivers, LB, USC

Do you fortify an already powerful defense with the most gifted, nifty-footed linebacker on the board, or try to trade up for Matt Ryan -- or hope the BC quarterback falls to you at No. 8? If Dorsey is still there, he'd be too good to pass up as well.

9) Bengals -- Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC

Cincy hasn't seen this kind of player on its interior defensive line since the days of Tim Krumrie. Speed is Ellis's best attribute; he has a great burst off the ball. He'll make everyone better on what was a disappointing unit last year.

WTF!?! Ellis will make everyone better on what was a disappointing unit last year!?! Try every year since David Fulcher wore stripes.

Face it gentlemen. Until the Cincinnati Bengals develop a top ten defense, their fate is sealed. Defense wins Championships. :bengal:

Day 1 will be huge. I pray we get Ellis. prayingsmileydd6.gif

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Damn, I hope he's right about the Chiefs. I figured there was no way Ellis would get past Herm Edwards, but with their sudden need at DE, maybe they'll go that way. But if Gholston and Chris Long are gone, I still believe Ellis will be the pick.

The Favre thing is hilarious. All it will take to lure him out of retirement will be two SI cover stories by Peter King, about 15 Sportscenter stories, a half hour NFL Network tribute, and every color guy on every NFL game for the first few weeks spending about 30% of their air time talking about Favre. Brett just loves the game so much, he'll probably come back. For the love of the game. Gosh. You know, after retiring, he comes back like a 10 year old, his love of the game is so pure. Look at him chest bump his o linemen! Look at him run around out there like a kid in a pickup game! /Sob/ My God Brett, we all love you!

Here's the timetable:

Week 3 - Brett comes back, for the love of the game.

Week 8 - Some family member of Brett's comes down with cancer. Chemo almost kills him/her, media firestorm almost kills me. Brett's love is stronger than cancer, family member makes miraculous recovery.

Week 15 - Brett throws 38th interception of the season.

Week 17 - Needing a win to secure a wildcard spot, Brett has career day. The gunslinger is back!

Week 18 - Uh oh, Gunslinger fires way out of playoffs, puts season interception record out of reach for several decades. Phrase "Lion in Winter" gets used about 10,000 times.

Two hours before Super Bowl that the Chiefs are not playing in - Brett announces retirement at press conference on back porch of a general store on a dusty dirt road in Louisiana. Dang, he's wearin' jeans and an old t-shirt. He's just like any one of us!

Two months later - He just loves the game too much. Dan Snyder has a new best friend. Enjoy it, 'Skins fans!

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