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Kevin Jones and DE Kalimba Edwards out there


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are these guys worthy, I think adding anybody on defense cant be bad.


Two hours after his release was made public, 12 teams showed interest in former Lions RB Kevin Jones.

No visits have been arranged, but teams are putting out feelers. Jones claims he'll be ready to play by July, but being able to run is one thing and being able to line up as an asset in an NFL backfield is another thing altogether. It will be an upset if Jones plays at 100% in 2008

Lions released DE Kalimba Edwards.

The Lions gave Edwards a huge contract two seasons ago in hopes that he'd develop into something more than a situational pass rusher, but it never happened. He was scheduled to make $3.9 million this season.

Source: Detroit Free Press


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Ill take Edwards for more depth and a better rotaion at DE, he has shown he can get to the QB and make some plays, but depends on what he is asking for.

He's one of those players I wouldn't mind coming in for cheap and competing in camp for a spot.

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I would prefer Kevin Jones over Shaun Alexander personally. Everyone knows K.J. is injury prone, but looking at Alexander the last couple of years he seems to be as well. Plus when K.J. is healthy he performs and is a shifty back, not so much for Shaun who isn't a shifty back and hasn't really performed in a while.

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