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Bengals@Chiefs Game Thread


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Well, less than an hour to go...here's hoping! :cheers:

Final injury report from Hobson:

Rudi Johnson dressed for Sunday's game at Arrowhead Stadium but Kenny Watson got his second straight start at running back.

Johnson worked for the first time in 19 days Friday after injuring his hamstring in the Sept. 23 loss to Seattle and it looks like he'll be used in at least spot duty as the Bengals try revive the NFL's 26th-ranked rushing game.

The Bengals' battered linebackers were out again: middle linebackers Ahmad Brooks and Caleb Miller were inactive as was strong-side backer Rashad Jeanty. Dhani Jones got the start for Jeanty and Anthony Schlegel went in the middle with six Bengals games among them.

Also down for Sunday were defensive back Ethan Kilmer, wide receiver Tab Perry, and defensive lineman Jonathan Fanene. Right tackle Willie Anderson made the list for the first time since final game of the 1999 season as he nurses injuries to his knee and foot.

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Can this game be any weirder already??

Remember, we're the Bengals.

It can always get weirder.

Yeah. I think I'm still just shell shocked form yesterday's craziness here. But the first series was a bit strange to me though.

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