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Carson Palmer wants Goodell to be consistent with his punishment


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From the AP wire, and once again, he's dead on!

In a busy year for his misbehaving minions, the commissioner has already banned Tennessee cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones for the entire season after repeated run-ins with police. Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick has been suspended indefinitely while he faces a likely jail term for his role in a dogfighting ring.

The Bengals had 10 players charged with crimes during a 14-month span, and both receiver Chris Henry and linebacker Odell Thurman are currently suspended. Cincinnati quarterback Carson Palmer wants Goodell to be consistent with his punishment, whether the offender is wearing a uniform or not.

"Hopefully there's a harsh enough penalty that it's not worth it to try to cheat and try to get any advantage that you're not allowed to get," Palmer said. "I hope the commissioner is just as harsh on them as he's been on individual players for making mistakes".

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If goddell is gonna be a dick and suspend Odell 2 years for 1 DUI he better come down hard on cheating.

Come on Kaz, we've been over this thousands of times, Odell wasn't suspended 2 years for 1 DUI. You know this.

Nevertheless, I think there will be fury from 31 pissed-off owners if they aren't hit. And as mentioned somewhere (John Clayton I think), since none of the Patriots 2nd-day picks made the team this year, we better be talking about multiple day-1 picks.

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Just came in.

Belichick fined $500K, Pats fined $250K, and if they make the playoffs, the Pats lose their 2008 1st round draft pick, so they can kiss that goodbye.

A pick I think that would come no later than 25th. BFD. Their 1st and 2nd would have been better.

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