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This May Make You Barf on Your Keyboard


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Yeah... I believe that. Most of you know that I live in Japan. I can attest from living here that mayonnaise is used a lot on fried foods, sushi, and sandwiches. However, they don`t smother things in it like we do. I found Americans have the worst tendency to drown food in sauces. This is the first time I have heard of it in a cocktail, though.

I just ate mayonnaise yesterday spread on top of fried batter which had octopus flesh encased.

Thats some good eat`n! Hee Haw!

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You'd be surprise at the sauces that can be made from mayo and how great they can really taste... I like mayo on certain things but then can get grossed out thinking about it on other foods... Anyone ever go to Benihanna's (oriental grill where the cheff cooks on your table) downtown cincy and tried that yellow sauce they give you for the shrimp? OMG that is some of the best tasting sauce ever, it's made from mayo too.

That drink they were talking about with the mayo rimmed glass just about made me puke though, damn that's nasty... I can see mayo in sushi tasting really good though, I think I've had that.

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Don't get me wrong, Im a big mayo fan when it comes to things like club sandwiches and even French fries, but like agreen says:

That drink they were talking about with the mayo rimmed glass just about made me puke though, damn that's nasty.

Yup. :puke:

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OMG :lmao: thank God he didn't decide to reinvent the shots, Concrete Mixer and Blowjob.

If someone served that drink up to me at a bar I would instantly be looking around for the Candid Camera or Ashton Kutcher punking me.

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True story.

I'm at a fairly fancy place in Agoura called Bhudda Moe's. I order a martini. Things quickly go badly.

Waiter: Would you like to try the house martini, sir?

Me: What's in it?

Waiter: Two parts Vodka, one part sweet vermouth, with two olives...stuffed with cream cheese.

Me: Heretic!!!!!

Waiter: Sir...?

Me: I'm warning you, if any cream cheese finds it way into my drink I will storm the kitchen and knock you down....with much gusto!

Wife: Don't worry, he's joking. He does that.

Me: Probably, but why tempt fate? My advice? Pour vodka in a glass....then pour even more vodka into that same glass. If you must you may wave a bottle of vermouth over the glass but under no circumstances pour any of it in. Finally, garnish with two olives on a toothpick...no, make it three as I'm on a health kick. That qualifies as a salad.

Wife: I hardly think three olives qualifies as a salad.

Me: Who thinks I'm stopping at three?

[Waiter scampers away.]

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