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Will the Steelers make the playoffs?


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Their season is going to end up like that Bulls/Heat game last night. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOOLOOLLOLOOLOLOLOLOLLOLLL

Wait a minute, YOU think that the Steelers are going to look like the Bulls of last night putting the trouncing on the ... :huh:

oh... I get it...

Steelers = Defending Champs = No(Heat) Ice Cubes :P


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Man I aint ever counting them out till its over!!! Remember the run they made last year? :blink: I going to wait till after the DENVER game to decide first. :o

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The only place Pittsburgh are going at the end of the season is home!

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OK. You can have your "potential" for next year over our playoffs this year. 4-4 goes a whole lot further than 2-6 my dim-witted friend.

Oh, you mean 9-7 or 8-8 will be good enough for the playoffs this year? Damn, then the Steelers still DO have a chance! :lmao:

I'm bookmarking this post for further review. Please stick around 87.

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