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Bye Week Time for remodeling???


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I just wanted to see what some of the ideas were for new line-ups since something has to be modified. We all know they wont change defenses totally to go from the 4-3 to the 3-4 but we could at least make some interesting changes. I have seen some great ideas on other posts but i thought we could start a new post to put up interesting ones since it seems even hobson is thinking about changing up the O-Line

  1. James to Free Safety and Madieu to Strong with Joseph starting as the other corner until Jackson gets back
  2. Move Steinbach into center and move whitworth into steinies spot until brahm comes back
  3. throw in brooks more to add some flavor into a depleted linbacking core and give some experience in the future

Anyway these are just some ideas which may or may not work. It is clear something needs to be tweaked in order to get these guys playing better. If nothing else, I hope marvin has them doing hamburger drills of hitting the snot out of each other so they learn to hit and wrap up instead of this girley arm tackling. It is pretty pathetic when the best hit from your team comes from a retired school teacher (K Kasvehearn)


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1. Cut Doug Johnson and elevate Ronnie Ghent from the PS. As I noted in the Chris Perry thread we badly need better receiving production at TE and RB, and Ghent has hellagood hands. He can block too. A receiving threat at TE and/or RB will help the o-line out and help stabilize Carson's performance, IMHO. This needs to be done ASAP.

1a. With Johnson gone, start giving McNeal reps as the 3rd QB. Put together an abbreviated playbook with a couple-three dozen plays so we have something if we (heaven forbid) need it.

2. Get Andre Frazier up to speed to back up Jeanty on the strong side and work the hell out of Ahmad Brooks in the middle.

3. Obvious, but: Rest everyone who's hurt as much as possible. Chad, Geathers, Brooks, Levi, Jeanty. We need to get healthy.

4. Look at giving S. Smith more playing time. The run D improved last season when he came in. More snaps for Shaun, fewer for Old Man Adams, ought to make both the run D and Sam more effective.

5. More Joseph, less James. Yeah, if you are going to make JJ the starter Tampa is a good time to do it. Tory will still be a crackerjack nickle guy.

6. DO NOT eff around with the o-line. Yes, take a hard look at Wilkerson because you may ned to make a move, but changes and injuries have been a big reason for the line's struggles. Let's give them a couple weeks to get healthy and in better sync. Besides, if I'm right about 1, problems on the o-line should diminish.

7. Carson and his receivers need to focus over the bye on getting in sync, especially Chad. Keep knocking the rust off Palmer.

8. Light a candle that Chris Perry comes back quick and healthy.

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I know we have had a rash of injuries between week 2 and now, but I think the bye gives us time to get people healthy.

Now is NOT the time to panic. Our defense did a very good job in weeks one and two, a passable job in Pissburgh and with some attention will get back to the fundamentals that made them good in week one.

The other aspect to keep in mind is that our offense will put up 30+ points in most weeks and will not turn the ball over the way it did vs the Pats.

Don't forget that it was 21-13 before the Pats put up 17 points in the 4th that were a result of self-destruction by the Bengals, tired defense having been on the field a majority of the time and a few miscues, missed assignments etc.

Small things need fixing. NOT major surgery. NOT an extensive overhaul.

Besides, we will begin to get additional depth back from injury as the weeks move along. :)

As Bootsy says, "These are not the Bengals that were here in 2004."


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i do not understand the philosophy of benching a vet - james and sticking with a new starter guycheck.

lets just start all of the rookies and just throw this year away.

If we'd be benching Palmer in favor of a rookie, I'd agree... but we're talking about a cornerback. Tory has been making as many mistakes as rookies make, and he doesn't have the measurables in speed or much of anything else to make up for them. Joseph has been outright better than Tory thus far, and if he makes a rookie mistake he'll at least have the closing speed to make up for it some of the time. Tory is getting toasted out there by marginal receivers at best.

Playing Joseph over Tory is in no way, shape, or form throwing the season away. It's an improvement.

I agree Hoosier with getting Shaun Smith out there more often... When Peko has gotten into the game the run defense has stiffened, and I think adding another solid player to the rotation in Smith more often can only help. Adams doesn't seem to have enough gas in the tank to stay out there as long as they've been playing him. More Smith and more Peko would be lovely.

At center, I just want to stick with Ghiaciuc until Richie can play. The more he plays the more consistently he will perform, and another change there would only prolong the problem.

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Get all game tape on the bears for past 2 years.

Clone their defense.

Check I'm starting to wonder if he has the brains to make calls..even with wilkersons bad knee if he can make the right calls i say we activate him just to be safe.we need find our center of the future but I won't be suprised next year if richie adds another year to his football life.

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And, seriously, as hoosier said above and as well in another thread, a lot of this team's offensive woes (particularly on third down) will be healed when Perry is back. People definitely underestimate the impact he had on the offense last year as the third down/change of pace back and what a weapon that he is in the offense in that role...

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Get all game tape on the bears for past 2 years.

Clone their defense.

The first step the Bears took 2 years ago was to discard Bryan Robinson.

The Bengals need a better DE. Throw Eric Henderson in because he's as good as they've got to go opposite Justin. He's probably the best at forcing a hard edge on stretch runs and has already proven he can get sacks against starting left tackles in the NFL.

More Shaun Smith and less John Thornton would be fine. But on the whole the Bengals D-line sure looked like they let themselves get too spread apart. They've got to jam the line better and force more bounce outs.

Ahmad Brooks looks like a strongside backer at best right now. Put him there and keep Landon at WSLB and B Simmons in the middle. Odell has effed the Bengals this year and there's just not going to be an equivalent in the middle.

The problem on offense last week seemed to have more to do with the 3rd WR. Pick one and stay with him. But Chatman is not an over-the-shoulder threat on deep throws. If they roll with Chatman, let him work underneath where Housh does and kick Housh out into deeper routes where he can go up and get more.

Throw the ball more to Kenny Watson. Palmer just doesn't seem to want to do it even though Watson has had no problem in getting wide open when he doesn't stay in to block. For all the ballyhoo about Chris THE SUPERSTAR Perry, Watson is a good enough of a skills player for the Bengals to use much more but not real sure about using any RB on a 3rd and 5 draw with the receiving weapons the Bengals have.

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