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Thank you lord of football


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DAMN!!!!!!! I HATE THE COLTS! I think i might have to transfer out of USI so i can watch the Bengals game. OH well looks like i will be spending another sunday at hooters

Thats not such a bad option at all. Do they have all the games on there?

If you cant see the game on TV you can listen to it on Computer @ www.thegamelive.com.

But I suggest once you get out of college get DirectTV its so worth it, I havent missed a game in 12 years thanks to Sunday ticket.

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Jim Nantz is a very good play by play guy. Phil Simms, not such a great analyst. I can almost hear him now, the way he says Cincinnati Bengals is annoying. I believe that this will be the start of 2 straight weeks with CBS number 1 announcing crew, as CBS has a doubleheader next Sun, and Cincy/NE is the showcase game of the doubleheader.

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