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Who has the best chance of makeing the 53 man roster?


Jeanty vs. Brooks  

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  1. 1. Who has the best chance of makeing the 53 man roster?

    • Rashad Jeanty
    • Ahmad Brooks

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IMO Jeanty played a great game last night & I wouldn't be surprised if he became Pollacks back-up @ LB. But Brooks really hasn't done anything yet. So im gonna vote Rashad Jeanty.

Who Dey!!! :cheers:

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I don't think there's any question that both of these guys make it. Yo ushould add Marcus Wilkins, Caleb Miller and AJ Nicholson to the poll and change it to who has the worst chance of making it. I think Wilkins may be out since some of the young guys have been doing well on special teams.

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Yeah there's no way Brooks gets bounced. But the Brooks-Jeanty question could prove more real as the preseason goes on. Brooks has not shown that he's an NFL caliber MLB yet and looks like he'll have zero chance of playing weakside in a 4-3. Brooks looks better suited for now doing what Jeanty has been -- Pollack's backup on the strong side who also plays down at end for pass rush and stands up as the 5th on the line. But Jeanty has played fairly decent.

Still, AJ looks like the best suited and most instinctive backup MLB until Thurman returns. He shoots gaps quick and appears to have better deeper coverage skills than Brooks at this point. Doubtful that AJ can swing weakside though but more likely than Brooks. Caleb still seems to better solve the backup weakside backer. Wilkins is the bubble man here but no one headhunts like he does on teams and it will be hard for the Bengals to part ways with him unless AJ gets the chance to show he can do it, which he should have no problem doing.

I'd put the LBs as:

1. Pollack

2. Simmons

3. Landon

4. Brooks

5. Miller

6. Nicholson

7. Jeanty

When Odell returns, Jeanty probably goes.

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