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Big Ben hurt


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Posted: Wednesday August 16, 2006 6:19PM; Updated: Wednesday August 16, 2006 6:19PM

LATROBE, Pa. (AP) -- Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger left practice early Wednesday with an injury to the thumb on his throwing hand.

"I think he hit his thumb, on the next-to-last play he was in there, on a shoulder pad," coach Bill Cowher said after practice at St. Vincent College. "He's upstairs (in the team's facilities), so we'll look at that, assess it, and I'll probably have more information tomorrow."

The injury occurred about 10 minutes before the end of the team's second workout of the day, in which the third-year quarterback looked sharp throughout.

Roethlisberger, who in February became the youngest quarterback to win a Super Bowl, did not speak with reporters as he left the field, his hand wrapped in ice. Cowher, however, did not sound as though he believed the injury was serious.

"He looked fine," Cowher said.

Roethlisberger was on the official injury report through the last five games of the 2005 regular season and was listed as "probable" in the playoffs with a right thumb injury. After last season, Roethlisberger said he had played the latter part of the year with a broken thumb.

Late in the 2004 season and during the playoffs that followed, Roethlisberger started wearing a glove on his throwing hand during games, sparking speculation that his thumb was injured. Both he and Cowher downplayed such talk at the time, however.

Cowher said he does not believe that Roethlisberger's hand or thumb problems are chronic or the result of arthritis.


Not the thumb!!!

Anything but the thumb.

First, near death... now this...

How will he ever comeback from this?

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SportCenter just reported that Ben R. has some type of thumb injury but the team would not release any details other than to say he injured it on another players shoulder pads in practice. Stay tuned.

I read a report that said it is not believed to be serious... but they won't know for sure until tomorrow. He played with it broken at the end of last year... but in many of those games he flat out stunk.

Just another chink in the armor of a team that didn't deserve to win the championship anyway.

Also... does this indicate that Ben is the type of QB that is always dinged up like Steve McNair has been? Sure, when healthy he plays well, and shows toughness to go out there when he's not 100%, but the fact that he can't keep from getting hurt has to be worrisome for Steeler fans.

He's got these knee problems that seem to continually get injured, and now he hurt his throwing thumb twice. I predict that he'll go down as one of those tough QB's that always plays through pain, but will never be viewed as one of the great QB's because he simply can't stay healthy.

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Ah, the saga continues. I hear almost every day how Ben is 'tough' and 'rugged' and 'a Pittsburgh kind of guy'. And Carson is 'weak' and 'cannot take a hit'. Yet Carson is set to do what no one has ever done, and Ben's biggest whining moments have been around a big toe and thumb ... recurring nonetheless. Go figure.

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The obsession continues - he jammed his thumb folks, it's the 2nd week of preseason.

Because it's funny. Shesh, suck the fun out of here why don't ya? :pokey:

Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that it's the most important position for the Bengals biggest rival and biggest competition in the division.

I'll bet if you look on a Red Sox board, there will be no mention whatsoever of any Yankee issues.

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Don't worry, it will be the excuse used when the Steelers lose a game...

And they have the nerve to call Carson a p*ssy... That must make him a BIG SMELLY P*SSY !!!


Who knows where that thumb's been.

The obsession continues - he jammed his thumb folks, it's the 2nd week of preseason.

Because it's funny. Shesh, suck the fun out of here why don't ya? :pokey:

If it was somebody else on another team it wouldn't be an issue but for obvious reasons it is.

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He has hurt his hands three times.

1)when he pulled a muscle in his hand pulling up his panties :D

2)He re-injuried the muscle and broke a pink freshly painted nail loading one of the truckloads of cash used to buy-off NFL refs.Needless to say Cowher was pissed because, he thought one of the back ups should have been doing the job. :D

3)The most dangerous injury came when Worthlesturd (a.k.a. Rothlesburg) was hurt pleasuring himself to homevideos of himself and coach Cower in bed.Doctors are worried that the hours of work on the hand could have resulted in permanent injury.Coach Cowher was visiably upset exclaiming "change hands you idiot like I showed you!" :D

On a serious note,be for real,Rothlesburger pulled that same stuff last year to have a ready made excuse for losses.

I can recall him throwing interceptions and grabbing the hand writhing in pain as though it was the reason for the interception,only to see him high fiving and doing all sorts of things that he couldn't have done if the hand hurt that much.Even coach chin was quoted as saying that he had scoured the tapes and he couldn't see where he had done anything to hurt the hand.

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No, not Big Ben!

How will he ever set a new record for Super Bowl QB futility with those injuries?

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