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New Logo Poll


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The new logo thread has all the conversation, just thought I'd toss on a poll.

Beat billy to it huh !

Voted butt ugly .............. in keeping with my earlier reference to putting it on mikes toilet paper.

Can't let billy have all the fun... :lol:

I'm with ya on butt-ugly.

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In my humble opinion the new logo "f**king sucks!"

But that's only MY humble opinion.

No doubt the corporate marketing executives, PR guru's, publicity agents, the "new logo sub-committee", and some other half assed retards who spent a fortune investigating the possibilities would disagree with me.

How long did it take to come up with this? How much did it cost to come up with this? My 4 year old with a couple of crayons could have come up with this !

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Disgust with the new logo has apparently been noticed in the Emperor's court. R.W. ("Royal We") Hobson starts out today's daily letter with:

We don’t know what has upset people more. The new logo or losing Sapp.

Well, R.W., all "we" can say is that "we are not amused" by either event. <_<

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