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Looks like they are beating up on our forum over at Raiderfans.net.

Heres the link http://raiderfans.net/forum/showthread.php...?threadid=13032

They've even got a Bengal fan over there kissin ass and criticizing the Bengal fans over here at Bengalszone.com. :angry:

Yeah, I saw that a couple days age, but decided not to get involved. What there to say to a bunch of Raiders fans who are in a hurry to run out and buy black-and-silver QBKilla merchandise because the signing "gives so many people another reason to hate us"? (Get a life? Well, yeah...) As for the bengaldave guy, @#&% him and his ugly cheap-a$$ forum.

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Whatever! Come next season when we're in the playoffs, and they're sittin' at home, I'll be sure to pay those bay area homo's a visit and serve 'em up some crow. I feel a return of the Director of Trash Talkin' comin' on! B)

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