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Why isn't this official?


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I say they announce as soon as it's official. Come Monday I expect to see big Sapp along side Lewis and Palmer. Probably Mike Brown quibling over a few bucks given the lack of dollars offered by other teams. Someone pull the plug on that guy. We tried it his way for 13 years. Get your nose out of football Mike!!! :angry:

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Probably Mike Brown quibling over a few bucks given the lack of dollars offered by other teams. Someone pull the plug on that guy. We tried it his way for 13 years. Get your nose out of football Mike!!! :angry:

I take it this is the same Mike Brown that brought in marvin Lewis, the same guy that stumped up the $ for CJ's contract extension, tha same guy that stumped up the $ for the Carson Palmer contract, the same guy that has been accused of not offering enough $ to previous free agents but is now being accused of offering too much for Sapp ??? Heard it all before, yeah the past wasn't pretty but things are different now (if you hadn't noticed) - change the record I'm sick of hearing it and get with the programme !!

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In case you hadn't noticed it , but what exactly has Mike Brown done to earn anyone's trust since he's taken over after his father died..

Getting one right with Marvin Lewis, hardly makes up for an entire decade of failure.

----He only stepped up to hire someone outside of his "clique" (associated with the Bengals in some form or fashion at one time or another ) because Paul Tagliabue said, he'd better improve this team, or the NFL owners were going to force him to sell the team !

Don't jump on the MB bandwagon just yet, if you read the Enquirer's report, it's Mike Brown that was holding up the Negotiations with Sapp in the first place !

Mike Brown is to Cincinnati Bengals football what .....

1. Trading away the "Babe " is to the Boston Redsox.

2. A world series win and "Bart man" to the Chicago Cubs.

.............A Curse !

In a list of war crimes, he could be considered next to Hitler/Slobodan Milosovic/Saddam Hussein/ Botha/ and any other terror known to civilization.

--Until he sells the team, or at least hires a General Manager to run this franchise he will continue to be looked upon in that light !

And as for Palmer's contract... 7 years 42 million that can max out to 49 million..... Uh.. He paid Akili Smith 63 million.. money that to this day is still being held against our salary cap.


--He needs to be tied to a wheel chair set on fire and sent rolling down I-75, but that just my opinion like it or not !

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I hear ya ScottishBengal. My assumption is that MB hired Lewis against his better judgement (which blows). Also I believe every move since then was orchestrated by Lewis. It is only now that somehow MB got the muzzle off. If Lewis wants the guy and Katie negotiated the contract, MB has nothing of value to add. So yeah same ole record cuz its the same ole MB. :P

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Well, the Cincy Post has reported that, according to an anonymous source, the deal was done last night, except for Mikey's OK. So it's certainly possible he balked at something and fouled the deal. And if that's true I will fly to Cincy myself to join the thousands of Bengals fans marching on Mikey's house with torches and pitchforks. :angry:

I don't get the sense that's the case, tho. My best guess is that Sapp is simply stretching things out in the hopes that some other team will step up. Note his latest antics on qbkilla.com, a poll asking fans where he should play (between us, Balti, NY and NO). That's pure agent fodder: "hey, look how many fans want Sapp on your team, you should pony up, he'll put more butts in the seats, deliver higher TV ratings, sell more merchandise," blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile his agent calls around to the media and tells everyone that Sapp's on the verge with Cincy ('last chance! bid now or forever hold your cap space!"). In short, he's trying to create a market for himself to drive up his price.

However, no one seems interested except us. The question is, how long with the Bengals let him string things out. My bet is that sometime between now and the Monday "new logo" press conference we hear news of Sapp scheduling a visit to Cincy, probably sometime mid- to late-week (Weds-Fri), presumably to sign. Sources will tell us that the deal is basically done except for this i to dot or that t to cross, Sapp will talk about how he like Marvin and what he's doing, blah, blah, blah, and other teams will have one last chance to step in.

If Sapp signs with the Bengals (and despite all the breathless hype by Hobson I wouldn't give that better than 50/50 odds of happening) it won't be until late next week.

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