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Kazkals Bengal picks rnd 1-7


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Not full mock gonna work with about 15 other people I know (all fans of different teams) to create one :P

but here are just picks for now

1st Leonard Pope-TE

2nd Antonio Cromartie-CB or Jason Allen-CB/S even Ko Simpson :P just depends whos here..depends whos here i'd lean more towards someone who can play CB sense we got jackson.

3rd Dusty Dvoracek-DT (gotta resign justin and give him a drinkin buddy mybe that will get him double digit sacks.

4th Terna Nande-OLB

5th Jason Hatcher-DE

6th Joe Toledo-OT

7th Devan Long-DE

7th Tarvaris Jackson-QB

What do you think? I thought about a linemen or DE in rnd 3/4 but I figure they could be adressed in early rounds next year. + mybe get lucky and score keepers with late rnd picks

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Pope and Cromartie as 1st and 2nd picks would make TDB drool with pleasure. I don't think Antonio will still be on the board at 55, however. I'm not big on Dvorachek for obvious reasons, but if we were to pick him then I'd trust Marvin's judgement. I expect Nande to be gone before the 4th, simply because of some of the big time numbers he has put up in workouts. If we were to land him there, he could end up the steal of the draft. I also love all your 5th-7th round picks, as they could provide some solid competition in camp and perhaps even make the roster and provide depth.

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Yep, can't see Cromartie making it out of the 1st, let alone all the way to us in the 2nd. If we want him, we have to take him in the 1st period... I would be happy with M. Lewis in the 2nd after the Cromartie pick if we just had to have a TE in the first couple rounds...


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Has a strong arm...Is a great athlete...Mobile and can beat you with his legs...Throws well on the run...Has decent size with a solid frame...Is very strong...Was extremely productive at the Division II level...Still has some upside.


Did not play against a lot of top competition...Struggles with his accuracy...Is not quite as tall as you'd prefer...Very raw and will need to refine his technique and mechanics...Is more of a long-term project and won't be ready for a while.


Transfer from the University of Arkansas after spending his first two seasons with the Razorbacks...Definitely has some potential and physical tools to work with...Could be chosen in the latter rounds but as a developmental prospect."

I thought he'd be good prospect to build to be carsons perma replacement sense he has a strong arm & can throw on the run (which is one of carsons specialtys)

only wish he was 2-3 inchs taller

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