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kurgan74's new 1st and 2nd Round mock Draft


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Kurgan74's Mock Draft

1. Houston Texans- Reggie Bush RB USC

2. New York Jets (trade with Saints)- Matt Leinart QB USC

3. Tennessee Titans-Jay Cutler QB Vanderbilt

4. New Orleans Saints (Trade with Jets)- Mario Williams DE NC State

5. Green Bay Packers- AJ Hawk OLB Ohio State

6. San Francisco '49ers- D'Brickshaw Ferguson OT Virginia

7. Oakland Raiders- Vince Young QB Texas

8. Buffalo Bills- Brodrick Bunkley DT Florida St.

9. Detroit Lions- Michael Huff CB Texas

10. Arizona Cardinals- Vernon Davis TE Maryland

11. St. Louis Rams- Haloti Ngata DT Oregon

12. Cleveland Browns- Ernie Sims OLB Florida St.

13. Baltimore Ravens- Winston Justice OT USC

14. Philadelphia Eagles- Kamerion Wimbley OLB/DE Florida St.

15. Denver Broncos- DeANgelo Williams RB Memphis

16. Miami Dophins- Eric Winston OT Miami

17. Minnesota Vikings- Laurence Maroney RB Minnesota

18. Dallas Cowboys- Manny Lawson OLB NC State

19. San Diego Chargers- Chad Jackson WR FLorida

20. Kansas City Chiefs- Sinorice Moss WR Miami

21. New England Patriots- Bobby Carpenter OLB Ohio St.

22. Denver Broncos- Santonio Holmes WR Ohio St.

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Jimmy Williams CB Virgina Tech

24. Cincinnati Bengals- Mathias Kiwanuka DE Boston College

25. New York Giants- Chad Greenway LB Iowa

26. Chicago Bears- Leonard Pope TE Georgia

27. Carolina Panthers - Marcus McNeil OT Auburn

28. Jacksonville Jaguars- Donte Whitner S Ohio St.

29. New Orleans Saints (trade w/ Jets) Tamba Hali DE Penn St.

30. Indianapolis Colts- Lendale White RB USC

31. Seattle Seahawks- Antonio Cromarte CB Florida St.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers- Tye Hill CB Clemson

Rd 2.

33. Houston Texans- Max Jean-Gilles G Georgia

34. New Orleans Saints- Johnathan Scott OT Texas

35. New York Jets-Demeco Ryans LB Alabama

36. Green Bay Packers- ROdrique Wright DT Texas

37. San Francisco '49ers-Ashton Youboty CB Ohio St.

38. Oakland Raiders-Kelly Jennings CB Miami

39. Tennesse Titans-Nick Mangold C Ohio St.

40. Detroit Lions-Cedric Griffin CB Texas

41. Arizona Cardinals-Ko Simpson S SOuth Carolina

42. Buffalo Bills-Jon Alston OLB Stanford

43. Cleveland Browns-Daryll Tapp DE Virginia Tech

44. Baltimore Ravens-Orien Harris DT Miami

45. Philadephia Eagles-Thomas Howard OLB UTEP

46. St. Louis Rams-Jason Allen S Tennessee

47. Atlanta Falcons-Chris Spencer G Pittsburgh

48. Minnesota Vikings-Brodie Croyle QB Alabama

49. Dallas Cowboys-Maurice Stovall WR Notre Dame

50. San Diego Chargers-Abdul Hodge LB Iowa

51. Minnesota Vikings-Ryan O'Callaghan OT California

52. New England Patriots-Johnathan Joseph CB South Carolina

53. Washington Redskins- Richard Marshall CB Fresno St.

54. Kansas City Chiefs-Omar Jacobs QB-Bowlibg Green

55. Cincinnati Bengals-DT Claude Wroten DT LSU

56. New York Giants- Kai Parham LB Virginia

57. Chicago Bears-Demetrius Williams WR Oregon

58. Carolina Panthers-Dominique Byrd TE USC

59. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Davin Joseph G Oklahoma

60. Jacksonville Jaguars-Mercedes Lewis TE UCLA

61. Denver Broncos-Elvis Dumervil DE/LB Louisville

62. Indianapolis Colts-D'Qwell Jackson LB Maryland

63. Seattle Seahawks-Tim Day TE Oregon

64. Pittsburgh Steelers-Roger McIntosh LB Miami

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I love it kurgan!

Quick, Penetrating Wroten + Fat, plugging Adams = Great combo

And Kiwi would be an instant upgrade at defensive end.

Nice kurgan!

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I would love it as well, but at the same time Pope is available in the 1st and Lewis is available in the 2nd and we pass on both ?? I think DT might get pushed back in order to take one of those two. Maybe not, just thinking...

On the others, I still can't see the Saints taking Williams when they already have 2 stud 1st round DE's. Hawk, D'Brick, or even Ngata would be a better move for them. I can't see Young going to the Raiders after they got Brooks, but you never know...


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I also just noticed the bold call that Bunkley will be drafted before Ngata. I like it, given the fact that the Bills have made some recent claims that Ngata might not be the best fit for them (I personally think that's balogna).

Agree... Ngata is the better player in my mind, but I guess if they don't think he'll fit their needs, then why bother, but it's hard to think Ngata doesn't fit any teams needs !!! Sh*t, we'll take him !!!


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The Bills need a DT to get through one gap and rush the QB, becuase of the new D system they are running.

Here is a good article that explains this:


I don't think it is proof that they won't take Ngata, but it does give them some legit reasons why they should take Bunk instead.

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Gabe Watson will not fall out of the second round. He will be gopne by the mid second at the latest.

Yep, I agree with the Watson assessment. Depending on what New Orleans does with a trade down form #2, they could very well take Watson at the top of the 2nd...


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