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Josh Betts?

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I read an article about Betts in the DDN the other day

(y'know, the paper that 9 out of 10 sex offenders choose)

The Senior QB for the Miami Redhawks threw for over 3,000 yds last year, and is reported to have a huge arm and can make all the throws. He has been working with BB's pappy, Zeke Bratkowski.

I don't like Miami, but he is making the transistion from that stage to the professional one.

I would learn to accept him much like our Wolverine friend, Chris Perry. When asked about whether he would be accepting if the Bengals drafted him, he seemed pleased, and mentioned they're one of his favorite teams.

What are you alls thoughts on drafting Betts?

What do you know about him? Strengths? Weaknesses?

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I've seen him throw a 65 yard pass on the run so he definitely has the arm strength. It's hard to judge him because his line didn't protect s**t last year. He has been a straight A student his whole life, has really good arm stregth, a all around athlete. He is definitely worth a late round draft pick. He's better than what we got right know behind Palmer.

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Betts quarterbacked my high school's team when I was a freshman. :D

I'd love the pickup, he has all the tools to be a good player, and I honestly don't know what is keeping him held to talk about the 6th/7th round or going undrafted. He has had issues with decision making, but as others have said he's very intelligent and I think he could be tutored into improving that.

I think he has the size, definitely the arm, and the poise to be not only a solid backup, but grow into a starter. No, I'm not biased at all! :P

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Dude he's just giving his perspective on the subject here... Relax... Who cares if he knows his name ?? I personally don't know anything about Betts, but if TDB seems to like the guy, well then great for him. We all pimp someone or another. Besides, aren't we suppose to talk about this crap ??


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TDB you've told us 50 times that he was quarterback of your high school team. Do you know him?? Does he even know your name? I didn't think so, so why does it matter? I don't think he will ever be a starter in the NFL, but I wouldn't be mad if they drafted him. I hope he turns out to be great though.

And when another Betts thread opens, I'll say it again! :) There aren't many Butler grads that I am aware of with any potential to be drafted as an NFL quarterback this year. Sure, it's a source of pride in that school that I sure as hell never had elsewhere.

You should give it a try, seeing as you attended the same school. :rolleyes:

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