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Palmer press conference


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Don't know if any one else has posted this but, Palmer is doing a press conference tomorrow at 11:45 am. Bengals.com reported they would have live audio and shortly after they would have the video. I'll be interested in seeing how he thinks he's doing on the road to recovery.

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This should probably be seen as good news. They wouldn't want him reporting any bad news... and if he is on shedule, he should be straight plane running in the next week or so. If he is doing so, they will want him to report it.

On the other hand... it might be nothing. But at the very least I don't see this as bad news.

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I don't see this as anything but a bland conference, stating he's about where he thought he'd be and will continue the rest of his rehab in Cincinnati. Blah Blah Blah... He'll take a lot of stupid questions like, "How are you going to survive without Kitna" and "How did the knee feel after the surgery"... Once again, BLAH !!!


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