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Whos the best WR in the NFL?


Whos the best WR in the NFL?  

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  1. 1. Vote Chad!

    • Chad Johnson
    • Randy Moss
    • Hines Ward
    • Terrell Owens
    • Other...

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OK guys, I know I am going to catch a lot of crap over this but I stand by it. I love the bengals more than you could ever know. I am in the Marines in California and I sport my Bengals jacket and fleece cap everywhere. My top 5 recievers are as follows and I will explain why I think this. I am counting pure on the field play and not what they do before or after games because this list would be different. Based off of last year and career numbers here is my top 5:

#1- T.O.

#2- Steve Smith

#3- Chad Johnson

#4- Randy Moss

#5- Tory Holt

OK I know T.O has his problems but he took over in Philly the year he did play. He had like 14 td catches in 13 games plus what he did in the superbowl was amazing. He was having a great year this year before the suspension and even at 33 he is the best reciever in the leauge. Number 2 is Steve smith because if you saw him play this year you would know what I was talking about. He was unstoppable this year and don't respond telling me he got shut down in one game because everyone has off games. I dont even have to explain why chad is here because we all know how great he is. Career wise he has been better than smith but smith was just to damn good last year. I was also kind of disappointed in Chad's playoff performance against the steelers. Moss is Moss, he is bad as a reciever but he dropped because of his crappy year which he spent mostly injured. Given a better qb who can get him the ball I think he will return to old form next year. Tory holt is an outstanding athlete who has been killing it for over 5 years. Him and bruce have been the most consistent combo in the league over the last five since carter and moss split.

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what's the next poll by him going to be?

WHose your favorite head coach?

with these choices....

Bill Cowher

Marvin Lewis

Brian Billick

f**king retarded poll to put in a bengals biased website.

What the hell is your problem. WHy do you think you are some hardass. There is only one hardass on this board and that is TNBT, and that is it!

I voted Chad, although I would of voted T.O. as well.

Gotta get paid baby.

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I voted Chad.....T.O. is probably a little better but he's a chump so chad edges him in personality

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1. Owens ( like him or not he is the best hands down right now )

2. Steve Smith ( Its all Carolina had and he still makes plays)

3. Tory Holt ( just a great great receiver year in year out )

4. Chad ( hey its a top four and he's still young )

5. Marvin Harrison ( getting some age but still puts up the numbers )

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