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Pic's in post (sorry not about football)


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Simply go to www.photobucket.com and make an account.

Once you are there you can upload pictures into a server... (its easy)

Then you are going to see 3 lines under ur picture...

One is a URL, One is a TAG, and One is a IMG.

Just simply copy and paste the IMG line into ur reply or new post.


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:( Can some one tell me how?
me too! Ive got some s**t to show.
Simply go to www.photobucket.com and make an account.

Or HERE at ImageShack. Just as easy, but they give you more storage, plus you really don't have to start an account. (At least I didn't.) Just find your SUITABLE (meaning within' the posted rules you Spanish nut!!) image on your computer...


Upload it here...


Copy direct link to image here...


Open the Script Prompt by clicking here...


Then paste it here!


Click "OK", and HoTbOy is now a cOOlbOy! cool_boy.gif

BTW, it works the same way for your sig pics.

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This might work differently on different computers, but as I have been able to do it...

You can copy any picture from the Internet directly into a Bengalszone post, simply by right clicking and copy/pasting. If you want to use a picture saved on your computer, then upload it through Imageshack (as described in billy's post), and copy/paste from there. This has worked for me when putting pictures directly in my posts, or in my signatures... but NOT for my avatar.

Then again, I wasn't able to do it that way when I first joined the Zone, so I'm not sure what variables might be involved.

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If you are going to add a sig pic, it must include at least one reference to the STEALers, or a picture of a scantily clad woman. FYI.

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I beg to differ. Maybe yours doesn't, but you haven't met some of the vagina's I've met in life! There was this pretty young thing I met in Manila as a Marine. She was 4' 11", and couldn't have been any older than 19 or 20. She could do this incredible thing with her, uh... I mean the way she would, er... She would have you wearing your "Oh-Face" faster...


Nevermind. Relating this story is impossible without wholesale violation of forum rules.

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