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Bengals intrested in Arrington

Whur CHad At?

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from Hobson:

Poston said the Bengals have also expressed interest in another one of his clients, former Redskins outside linebacker LaVar Arrington. Arrington went to one of his Pro Bowls playing in Lewis’s defense in 2002 and is currently on a high-price tour that stopped in Miami on Saturday.
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I would be suprised if we threw enough jack his way for him to be a Bengal. I would love to have him as a Bengal but if we did sign him it would look more and more like us wanting to switch to a 3-4 all the time. Arrington is a great player but if he comes here he better come at the right price and he better play within our defense and not be out of place. Do your job


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Marvin on Arrington

That was the last time they spoke -- until the Redskins pursued Marvin to be their defensive coordinator last winter. Marvin almost turned them down, but the money was outrageous, and he remembered the kid from North Hills. "LaVar is one of the reasons why you come," he says. But Marvin got to DC and started watching game film, and he couldn't believe the brainless way No. 56 played. "He ran around like a chicken with his head cut off," Marvin says.
"He killed them last year, killed his own team," Marvin says. "Against Chicago, critical third down, he doesn't cover the back. Back catches the ball for a first down. A guy I could cover. And they lose."

Then how did Arrington make the Pro Bowl?

"It's like I told him: You'll be on SportsCenter for your big hits, and you might go to the Pro Bowl, but we'll win six games," Marvin says. "Or you can do it right, and we can win 12 games."

So is LaVar just a role player now?

"That's what everybody is," Marvin says. "If you want to win, you need 11 role players."

Marvin's options were to change the scheme or change LaVar, and the scheme stayed. He assigned LaVar a personal coach, Jimmy Collins, because LaVar now had play calls to make. When word of a Marvin-LaVar philosophical rift went public after Week 3, Marvin demanded they talk it out. "And if he won't talk to me, I'll follow him to the locker room," Marvin says. "We're not going to do that fraction crap that breaks teams apart."

But too late. During games, LaVar would break the huddle and raise his palms up. "When he raises his hands it means, 'I don't know this call, I'm just going to be LaVar,' " says teammate Jessie Armstead. Lewis benched him a play in Frisco for doing that. And on the plane home from that game, LaVar told friends, "I didn't come here to be a defensive end." That's when his mama stopped watching.

I don't think Arrington is right for the Bengals.

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Washington Post

But the first sign of trouble came after Marvin Lewis took over the defense under Coach Steve Spurrier in 2002. Lewis and Arrington clashed over his role. Ultimately, Arrington thrived as a pass-rushing down lineman, posting a career-best 11 sacks. In a game against St. Louis, he sacked Kurt Warner and forced a fumble to clinch the victory. But privately, Lewis said Arrington was ill prepared to handle coverage duties. Lewis, who declined to comment for this story, later told Sports Illustrated magazine that Arrington was the most "undisciplined" player he had ever coached.
One teammate, who asked not to be identified yet remains a supporter of Arrington and believes he should be playing more, said the linebacker "cost us three games" in 2003 because of mistakes, and it became a subject of conversation in the locker room.

In the third game, Arrington was caught out of position and fooled on a play-action fake involving Giants tailback Tiki Barber, leaving fullback Jim Finn alone to catch a swing pass and gain 27 yards to set up New York's game-winning field goal in overtime. "Arrington bit on Tiki's play action," Finn told reporters after the game. "When I went in motion and got to the end of the line, I saw he was playing inside the tackle, and I knew I had to get out right away because I'd be wide open."

Sounds like Odell at the begining of last year. Except Odell was a rookie who learned and got better.

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NFL Network just said that the Giants have signed Arrington... :cheers:

Dear NY Giants;

Thank you, thank you, thank you.....

You've removed a player from the FA ranks who would have cost my Bengals at the bank, on the field, and in the locker room had they signed him.

You have both my upmost gratitude and my sincerest sympathy.


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