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Wraith's new Bengals Projection

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Rd. 1: Manny Lawson, DE, NC State: I know this selection will bring alot of rebuff but...Lawson is 6'5 1/3" he can add size to his frame without losing speed of quickness. His workout numbers would mean alot less to me if he didn't show it on the field, but the kid was/is a monster. I mean, 58 tackles, 19.5 TFL, and 10.5 sacks last year prove he can translate his athletic ability to the field and while an arguement could be made that he was seeing alot of single protection due to teams overloading on Williams' side, well if you look at their junior statistics I could make an arguement that team were overloading early in the year on Lawsons' side...Lawson was the more dominent player two years ago. Watching what little tape I have of NC State has indicated that the guys on both sides forced teams to play base protection because of the extreme talent on the right AND left side. Speaking of Talent......4.43 in the 40, 1.55 in the 10 yard (better than most linebackers and DBs) a near 40" vertical leap, 10'4" broad jump (mine is about 6'), and a 6.90 7 cone (WR and RB type time). The guy is a college grad, (industrial engineering) and has no character issues. This guy is the second coming of Jason Taylor, he is big, fast, smart everything you want to see...if he was 260 he would be a top ten pick, he will be 260 by the time our strength coaches get a year with him.

Rd. 2: A Safety....first choice would be Jason Allen, but Pat Watkins, or KO Simpson would work and at least one will fall to us in the second. Allen in the second would be incredible and he will drop because of injury concerns, I personally think he is the best pure safety prospect in the draft, a leader, a smart tough player with alot of talent.

Rd. 3: Joe Klopfenstein or David Thomas TE.

Rd. 4: Brodie Croyle, QB, Alabama: I like this kid, he has a live arm and showed alot of toughness last year. I think he could be a great #2 QB to Palmer long term.

Rd. 5: Terna Nande, OLB, Miami: All the guy has done is make play after play for Miami, he has incredible measurables and will start out being a FANTASTIC special teamer.

Rd. 6: Jahmile Addae, S, West Virginia: Jumps out on film but a poor combine showing (4.7 40) will knock him down in the draft.

Rd. 7: Donovan Raiola, C, Wisconsin: I am not sure why he is dropping but the NFL Draft Scout is projecting him a solid Rd. 7 selection if he is not there another solid Center prospect would be David Castillo, Florida State.

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I don't want Lawson... He seems to me like a lesser version of Pollack and I don't want two Pollacks. Any of those safeties you listed in round two would be fine by me though. A TE in the 3rd would be perfect as well. I don't expect to go after a quarterback until the sixth or seventh if at all... maybe a Josh Betts! Also, I expect Nande and Addae to all go well before where you predict, regardless of the combine.

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I like the Lawson option. With Simmons slowing down he gives us another higly athletic guy to cover the AFCN TE's.

A safety in r2 is fine but let's go for the guys you list, not a Greg Blue player who lacks coverage skills and is really an uindersized LB....

r3 - Let's just say offensive recieving weapon. A TE would be my preference but another WR will work...condition is that the player must produce right away. WR have a tendency to take a few years...

r4 - I'd prefer a CB at this point but if they feel that a QB would be better served, so be it.

I don't like Croyle because I don't trust his knees. He is only an average arm, so if we take a QB in r4, then we might as well take a big-armed guy with more athleticism, like a Barrick Nealy or Reggie McNeal.

r5 - Terna would be a real nice pick here.

r6 - Jahmile may not have tested fast...but I think he is a guy who has a higher "Playing" speed. If he slips to us here, it would be a miracle.

r7 - OL in r7 is really just a grab for depth...whihc we have been shown to do in the past...I think CB is another option this late...think small-school sleeper type.

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My Critique:

1.) DE - I'd be fine with Lawson, mostly cuse the guy could easily go in the teens of the 1st round. Him, Hali, or Kiwi in fact would make me happy, to me Lawson looks and plays like more of a monster than Kiwi. Has Dwight Freeney athleticism + he's taller. He might not be able to START right away at right DE, but I can't see how he couldn't contribute immediately as a situational rusher.

2.) S - Allen, Bullocks, Watkins, Bing?, Ko if he's around.

3.) TE - Klopenstien, Tim Day, Tony Scheffier or another comparable TE. Taking Thomas David would be a wasted 3rd round pick, he projects either as an h-back or FB and not the type of tight end we need.

4.) Croyle is unnecessary, especially if we sign a FA. I'm looking DT or CB. Maybe DB Chijioke Onyenegecha from Oklahoma (6-1+, 212 lbs, sub 4.5 40s on a fast track) who the Bengals were talking to.

The rest is fine by me.

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