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Counting down until Home Opener

September 11, 2022 vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Game Dey!!!

Training Camp Thread 2022

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Wow, good for Jessie.  Seriously, I've given him shit and I need to just chill.
The reality is this is just the business aspect of the game I love.
Wish it wasn't this way, but it is.  Wish they could find a way to keep Bates.

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Based on radio reports:

Dax Hill and CTB look very athletic.   CTB looks more athletic than Apple.   However, Apple is playing good and will be tough to unseat.

That's an impressive comment because Apple was a 1st rounder and no slouch in the athletic department.

Hurst, looks like he will be a problem for defenses.  


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I guess CJ making headlines this AM. Weird to see him spewing crap given that the front office he is trashing gave him a 3-year $18 million dollar contract back in 2019 when he hadn't done shit to that point in his career. And the other stuff is eye-rolling too. Guess there's some extra juice on week 3 now...

Happy so far about Cappa being back, Hurst showing out, Stanley Morgan showing out, and the murmurings about Chase looking even more dangerous.  Will be nice to see real news from the trenches when pads come on next week. 

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I loved CJ last year, but he's a Jet now.  Who cares?
Him saying anything negative should be laughed at.  See how his season turns out without Burrow.
Good luck to him though.

I'm VERY happy having Hurst heading into the 2022 season.

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I'm not sure which CJ comments are being referenced.   He was on a pod cast in which the host led him down the typical path of "Oh, Cincinnati"  "What a shit hole".     I think the host was Will Compton, former Titans LB. 

Will's perception was before they renovated underneath PBS and CJ corrected him.   It was mostly about the last contract and CJ basically said all teams are going to start low.

I did not really get the feel of anything horrible.  I'm sure somebody can take a quote in print and make it look bad.  I never got the feel CJ was trying to trash the organization.

Overall point, I guess there is still a perception about Cincinnati's facilities from actual NFL players that they still have to deal with.



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We had a really good time running around the stadium and watching practice today. It was cool to see the Lamar Hunt Trophy and the new white helmets look even cleaner in person. I mean fucking amazing.

They did not plan appropriately however. Not enough seating in the lower bowl for all people there. Wait lines for concessions were over an hour. Not enough trash cans. Letting too many people in the pro shop at once and more.

It came off as a huge money grab where they didn’t really care about much else then getting fans in. Like I said though, we had a good time. They should try harder at that because there is more interest in the fans part and if they were to actually put some more time and effort into it, there was more money to be made.

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Their garages weren’t. The concessions weren’t. The pro stores with all the new gear were flooded and fans we’re lined up around the inside of the store and waiting outside. Those white helmets at $179 were flying off the shelves.

Get people in and watch them spend.
That’s what I’m talking about. Again, that’s my take. People are free to disagree.

It’s the NFL. They are going to make their money.

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This feels churlish to me. They've always had these family day events on an early Saturday. I've come back for a few, and have appreciated the chance to get in and see them. No one forced anyone to buy merch but it's nice for people that wanted to? If you want to be on the riverfront you have to pay to park even if you just want to walk along the Ohio. How is that a cash grab? No one forced anyone to buy concessions. 


I fully disagree with you here. 

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Never mind.

Not sure why you feel the need to call that childish or why you feel the need to defend this.

Regardless of me enjoying it, which I did, doesn’t mean it’s not a cash grab. There was next to no planning outside of opening the gates with the intent of making money quickly. That’s a cash grab.

Maybe you define cash grab differently?

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