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2021 rookies


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Chase: 11 receptions, 220 yards (20 ypr), 4 TDs --> probably the current frontrunner for OROY

Carman: Just had his first start in Pittsburgh and allowed zero pressures while opening up a few big running lanes.

Ossai: Injured and out, but in his one preseason game he blew up.

Sample: Just sacked Roethlisberger

Shelvin: Primarily inactive so far, but no reason to believe he isn't on track.

Smith: Primarily inactive so far, but no reason to believe he isn't on track.

McPherson: It's early to lose our minds, but he looks like a top five NFL kicker already. At the very least he's an obvious upgrade over Bullock.

Hill: No idea.

Evans: 3 receptions, 40 yards, converted one third down in Pittsburgh, already looks like RB2 or at least the first third down back if not Mixon

Hubert: Hurt before he could do anything.


Of the 10 picks, we have: 2 players absolutely rolling (Chase, McPherson), 3 contributing at least once in a meaningful way (Carman, Sample, Evans), and 3 more that I'd at least call encouraging (Ossai, Shelvin, Smith). Even the last 2 (Hill, Hubert) leave me no reason to complain; they haven't had the opportunity yet.

This draft class is extremely promising. Three games isn't much of course, but who cares. I wanted to make this observation.

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I find myself thinking about all of the Taylor-era drafts.

Jonah, Pratt, Burrow, Higgins, Wilson, and Davis-Gaither are all important to the team's 2-1 start (maybe ADG is a stretch). D. Sample*, Kareem, and Adeniji have been at least steady when healthy. *He's the obvious WTF pick of the group, but he's still here and [generally] not hurting the team.

It hasn't been perfect, but it's looking pretty good to me.

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I texted a buddy yesterday after Chase's 2nd TD and said, "Chase is the truth" !!

He responded, "I'm going to need to see more".

We don't speak anymore....
Kidding, lol, but seeing how the predominant thought is that rookie WR's take 2-3 seasons, his start is pretty damn amazing.
Couple that with the preseason narrative of him not being able to catch the ball and there's no way a Bengals fan is unhappy with the results to this point.

I still can't help but feel bad for Ossai.  I think he would have had a pretty productive season in the go hunt role.

Just realized we don't have any CB's on the practice squad we can even consider either.
UGH !!


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