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No More Malik Jefferson


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Wasn't he a 3rd rounder? Maybe Tobin needs to retire.  I can't remember the last LB who's actually worked out well here, not one, other than Burfict for 2 years,  and of course he came with the cost of blowing a playoff game.

Anyone can draft mediocre-to-bad LB's in the 4th, 5th and 6th rounds.  I can do that.

LB's drafted in the last 9 years alone, in order:

Germaine Pratt (3rd rd) - haven't seen anything out of him yet

Deshaun Davis (6 rd) -  not sure if he's even on roster

Malik Jefferson (3 rd) - gone already

Nick Vigil (3 rd) - should be a #4-#5 guy at best and on ST's, but is a starter here, and is not good

PJ Dawson (3rd rd) - gone, terrible

Marquis Flowers (6th rd) - prob their best pick, but traded him as soon as he started playing a valid role, had one good year w/7 sacks for NE, then dropped-off the map

Sean Porter (4th rd) - who?

2011 - Dontay Mach (3rd rd) - garbage, never played, long gone

Roddrick Muckelroy (4th rd) - not sure if he ever made the roster, can't remember, says enough about him


Of course Burfict was never drafted, but he was clearly their best addition.

Nothing above a 3rd round pick, 90% busts at best.  Who the hell thinks they can succeed in this league without drafting a single good LB in almost a decade?

F'ing idiots.


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Amen Shula. Been talking about the lack of LB talent for years and years. Just their stupid approach.

Meanwhile, even though it’s never good to give up a ton of picks. Somehow Khalil Mack went to the Bears and I haven’t heard anyone complain. Their defense is stout now due to that move.

Our hopes and prayers fall on Germaine Pratt morphing into a first round talent and being an impact player. There sure aren’t any others in the position group.

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I built a shrine to Germaine Pratt in the unused stall in my garage.  It’s made of old paint cans and half full anti freeze jugs.  I venerate it, pray to it, and prostrate myself before it on my Bengals prayer rug (a Bengals beach towel from 1987 that pissed my wife off so badly her divorce lawyer actually mentioned it at our final hearing).  

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