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I assume you all have seen this, (MMQB on a day w/ Taylor)


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Please tell me you all saw this and read it. If not, it's here:


Cracking good read. So much in there to unpack. As someone who was begging for ML to be fired back at the end of the 2007 season, I am feeling absolute vindication. This team will still lose it's share, but it will no longer be because our coaching staff refuses to do anything with the game plan or gets out-thought and out-schemed with no resistance. 

I didn't see this being discussed anywhere on here, so I am giving it it's own thread. Feel free to cut and paste your favorite parts for discussion. 

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I will start - here's mine (among so many really interesting tidbits):



When the room scatters, Anarumo sticks around to chat with Taylor and offensive coordinator Brian Callahan. Anarumo’s defense had performed well in the red zone, including against the Plus Birdie play, where slot corner B.W. Webb read Boyd’s double-move to the near upright and took away the throw. What Taylor and Callahan want to know is how  Webb knew the double-move was coming

“Because the ‘inside slot’ receiver didn’t sell his route long enough,” Anarumo explains, drawing on the whiteboard. “So when B.W. saw that receiver going here, he figured Boyd’s route could only go deep.” Taylor and Callahan are thrilled. They had no idea that the “inside slot” receiver’s route could impact the D this way; correcting that will have a domino effect that completely changes how the defense can cover Boyd.

They’re eager to explain this in the team meeting tomorrow. Besides being an excellent teaching point, it’s a chance to shine a positive light on Boyd, who was criticized in today’s meeting. “You don’t want to only call out guys for negative reasons—especially guys like Tyler Boyd who do so many things well,” Taylor explains. This is also a chance for the coaches to publicly hold themselves accountable. Boyd ran a great route and it didn’t get open because the coaches, until now, were not fully aware of how the other receivers’ routes would effect Boyd’s. Offseason practices are for both player and coach education.


I literally cannot imagine the previous regime doing this or having these conversations. I frankly don't believe they ever did. 
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It was a fun read for sure.

I'll be rooting hard for the Bengals and really hope Taylor brings something new to the team, but I have little in the way of expectations for them this season.
There are too many problems for the o-line and I still don't think they did enough to address the linebacking corps.

That being said, I'm not bored like I was at this point last season.

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  • ArmyBengal changed the title to I assume you all have seen this, (MMQB on a day w/ Taylor)

FWIW - it’s ok to be excited for a fresh approach and not expect 12 wins. However this goes - this franchise is finally moving into the 21st century in terms of coaching and approach.

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