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Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

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8 hours ago, cincyhokie said:

Mo Egger and Tony Pike were talking today about how the Bengals FO approach has the Bengals in no man's land. Not good enough to do anything in the AFC, not bad enough to land a franchise QB. They were promoting tanking. Trade the cornerstone players like Dalton, Green, Atkins, and Dunlap to acquire draft pick ammunition to get Tua or even Trevor Lawrence. Then using that rookie contract and building the team to go on a run. I think that's actually a good move. This team isn't going anywhere ala the 2014-2018 Reds. Do something. Be good or be interesting. Don't be bad and uninteresting. 

Even with all of this bullshit the past few weeks, I still feel like Zac Taylor gives us the best chance of pushing the Bengals into the 21st century. It may not happen this year. I see another 6-10 season with a mid round pick. But I like Taylor's supposed mindset coming from the Rams and being young. Long term, I'm still more hopeful than I was last season.

I think Mo is full of shit.  Two years ago he’s telling us the Bengals are among the best run  because they don’t do things like the Reds.

Also I’m not in favor at all of the Cleveland Brown plan.

Bengals will be better than a lot of people think right now.  They are actually having a solid offseason. 

Bengals were young and injured last year.  They’ll get younger this year or as young. 

Dropping to 2-14 ranks isn’t going to make them interesting with a bunch of draft picks. Mo will just switch gears.

Bengal fans got their GM back in 2010.  They know what they are doing and it will bring the talent and then it’s up to the coach/players. 



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I have no interest in seeing an already boring ass team get rid of the only players I really truly like.  That would simply make them intolerable.
The front office is already very close to making this team intolerable. 

If this team continues to fail, does anyone think Zac Taylor will be enough to keep tickets sales up ??  I don't think so.
I think fans are also smart enough to know how the front office does business and the stadium will again be empty.
Don't tell me they don't care about selling tickets and suites either, because Marvin would still be here if they didn't.

Amphar, maybe we have different understandings of what a "Solid Offseason" looks like.
Outside of a slot corner, what has this team done to improve itself heading into this coming season ??
Nothing.  They haven't even made the appearance that they care.  It's still the hope and pray strategy to this point.

Hate the Browns all anyone wants, but they have the money and are at least trying to build a team.  You can't buy draft picks with that money.
Maybe they fail, but they brought in very good pieces to help their 2nd year QB and bolster their defense.  The Bengals can claim neither.
Lets also not forget that the Browns were already a better team than the Bengals and swept them in 2018 with a rookie QB.

I'm too old to sit back and let my desire to see the Bengals win blind me to the reality that is.
The reality is still a front office that has never built a winner and who's philosophy will continue to limit that from happening.
I really don't know why I care at all.

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I think purposefully tank is too strong of a term. More like rebuild. But, anyway, what is the Bengals plan? To go 8-8? There’s no way in hell they’re going to be able to compete in the AFC with that O line and LB corps alone. Then the fact that Dalton isn’t the guy to get them over the top. Oh 2015 was great. But unless the Bengals can create another one year perfect storm anomaly for him, all I see is 6-10 to 9-7.


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I need to go place a large bet that the Bengals finish with a losing record and again find themselves in the basement of the AFCN.

What team are we better than in the AFCN at this point ??
The answer remains just as the season finished.... None.

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1 hour ago, ArmyBengal said:

I need to go place a large bet that the Bengals finish with a losing record...

I’m very curious what the number on this will be.  Miles away from even money, I can tell you that.

The only thing that makes me think they won’t get swept in the division is that it looks like the chickens are coming home to roost in Pittsburgh.  My whole 2019 NFL season may be just gloating over the Steelers descent into shit show/dumpster fire/train wreck status.  That and hoping against hope we can forget the 6 wins we’re now lined up for and just take 15 Ls and go collect a franchise quarterback on draft day.


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12 hours ago, GapControl said:

Does anyone know how much the bengals have spent so far on players this offseason ?

Hart, Preston Brown, CJ, B.W., and Eifert represents

24 mil in cap room and 31 mil cash to be spent this year.

John Miller details are not out there yet. 

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