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Which of These Things Does Not Belong?


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Remember the old Sesame Street game,Which of These Things Does Not Belong?


The T.M.Q. Non­QB Non­RB N.F.L. M.V.P. Several notquarterbacks not­running backs had remarkable seasons: defensive end J.J. Watt, offensive tackle Greg Robinson, receivers Julio Jones and Antonio Brown, center Russell Bodine, tight ends Tyler Eifert and Rob Gronkowski, guard Richie Incognito, linebacker NaVorro Bowman and safety Earl Thomas among them.

Yeah. I mean, yeah. Wow. I don't even...just...speechless.

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Hey, Russel Bodine's season was remarkable!  Remarkably crappy.  Remarkably disappointing.  

Further remarkabity to come - Alexander will start Bodine for like 4 seasons, teams will blitz us up the middle just like when Trampled-check was here, then the New York Times will write another article about how great Bodine is.

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Looks like we get to play this game again. So, some company called Locked In is developing an app to help athletes train to play sports at a high level. The app will feature drills developed by NFL players. So far the players involved are:

Demaryius Thomas

Aquib Talib

Aaron Donald

AJ McCarron

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